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Echo’s from Milford Sounds

Not every couple desires a vacation on a white sand beach. If you are an outdoor fanatic who likes the chilly winter breeze and gaze at extraordinary creations the kiwi land is where you should head. New Zealand has so much to offer than just a romantic ski vacation. It’s snow topped mountains are just one of the many excitements that await. They say that most precious jewels are hidden in secluded places. Likewise the small town of Te Anau created its space in the world map because it holds the key to a mesmerizing wonderland….the Milford Sounds.

This magnificent natural wonder is encircled by mountain peaks that are nourished by lush rain forests and ocean waters that run inland from the Tasman Sea. This besides the beautiful flaora and fauna that surrounds its trekking path, delta opens its door to much marine life as seals, penguins, dolphins and even whales

The valley waters that tip over these high peaks form breath taking waterfalls. On a rainy day tourists would get lost in the beauty of a magnificent water work as giant waterfalls are shaped from all directions. On a sunny days boat cruise you can glare at a mirrored view of the mountain peaks lying atop the calm ocean waters.

Since you would be spending more than half the day “oohing” at this natural marvel a simple Te Anau Hotel is satisfactory for a peaceful nights rest. Let the pictures do the talking as I cannot ever do justice to the Milford Sound’s geographical wonder created by mother earth.