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Paris, la ville de l’amour….

There is only one city in the world that is shadowed by a romantic atmosphere throughout every season. With great cuisines to arouse your taste buds and breathtaking walks ways surrounded by picturesque views, artists & accordion music, Paris is “the” city to appease all your senses.

The city’s greatest masterpiece, The Eiffel tower is a sight to be gaze. But there lays a romantic touch to its iron bars which is only surfaced with the setting sun. An age old bottle of wine, French bread, petite basket of fruits and perfect spot on Champ De Mars is what you need to witness the world wonder lit up with shimmers. The perfect setting for a simple and romantic urban picnic!

After watching the great spectacle and the city views atop the tower you can explore a true French atmosphere at Rue Cler. This small pedestrian street is filled with monsieurs and damsels that flock to illuminate the city’s night life. You can find bakeries spreading sweet aromas, variety of fresh fruit stands, ideal French café’s and many more that gives you the authentic French touch.

Another marvel that could not be ignored is Champs-Élysées. Although during day light it’s a bustling avenue it has a different ambiance during night time. The wide north foot path is an ideal romantic walkway where you and your loved one could walk hand in hand whispering sweet nothings. At the west end of Champs-Élysées stands Arc the Triomphe built in dedication of those who fought and died during the French revolution. The most romantic sunset in Paris is viewed through this man-made wonder and that moment is nothing but a breathtaking sight for sore eyes.

How could anyone possibly miss the cuisines? These one of a kind dishes truly are magnifique! All the French cuisines the world over cannot stand in par with what you dine right here in Paris. Rue Cler and Rue Champs de Mars provides you with many small yet romantic restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds. Make sure not to miss out on the mouth watering tarts, cakes, pastries & variety of cheese and wine available in the open markets.

With the most romantic sights, soothing music & enticing food, love is indeed in the air here in the city of Paris!