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Honeymooning in the Breathtaking Emerald Isles of the Maldives

Lined with white powder dusted beaches and coral studded secluded islands as far as the eye can see, the Maldives is an island archipelago of dreams for most newlyweds. This is why many of the world’s newly married couples head down to the sun-kissed perfection that is the Maldives to indulge in the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Those who wish to simply soak in the sunny atmosphere while working on a tan on sandy beaches could not ask for a better venue than the Maldives. As an island enclave of nearly 1000 islands, the Maldives includes innumerable secluded islands where couples can truly get away into a paradise of their own making. Blessed with sunny weather all year long, newlyweds can enjoy the sun, surf and sand while more adventurous couples can take a tour of the islands on board a cruise ship. Trips to the Utheem Island and Hulhule Islands are ideal for cruise lovers offering picturesque landscapes and spectacular views amidst a romantic ambience.

One can also discover the stunning world beneath the ocean floor by going snorkelling or scuba diving in the many coral islands dotting the country’s landscape. Infested with colourful marine life and beautifully formed internal lagoons and rock formations, the underwater wonderland just below the water is as romantic as the setting of the country’s pearl necklace of isles. Other popular couples’ activities on the islands include parasailing, surfing and sailing while whale watching is also an equally engaging experience. Reputed as one of the top five places in the world for whale watching, guests can expect to see over 20 different species including Blue Whales and Spinner Dolphins in the Maldives. Home to a wide variety of dolphin species, Bottlenose, Striped, Fraser’s, Rough-toothed and Spotted dolphins are also frequently seen by seasoned visitors.

With a host of luxurious spas to its name, the Maldives is also the venue to indulge in relaxing spa therapies for two. Housing overwater treatment rooms and spa retreats, couples can unwind with a bottle of bubbly as they enjoy a sensual frangipani bath followed by an aromatic massage. Home to sprawling parklands and historic monuments, other points of interest within the Maldives includes Sultan Park and the National Museum where guests can get a feel for the nation’s culture and history.

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