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Loy Kathrong-a magical festival in a magical land

Many of the multi ethnic countries in the world are full of colorful festivities, Thailand is one of them. Its Chinese influence brought in the lunar calendar giving attention to its special dates. On a full moon evening of the 12th month one such festival takes place, Loi Krathong.

The festival takes place at throughout the country; city, towns or villages. Loi meaning float and Kathrong defining part of a banana tree trunk a floating device is created. On this night Thais will float their beautifully decorated Kathrong of various sizes in ponds, lakes and rivers illuminate every corner of the country. Although back in the days this ritual was taken place to pay respect to the spirit of water and many more now days it’s simply for fun time with family & friends.

You can witness this breathtaking festival while your stay at any Bangkok Hotel. This is just another reason to why you should visit the magical Thailand. If you are search of a romantic cultural getaway here is another reason to pack your bags!