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A Delightful Honeymoon in Macau

Macau, a โ€˜special administrative regionโ€™ of the Peopleโ€™s Republic of China, was a colony of Portugal for over 400 years. It has the distinction of being the initial as well as the final European colony in China. The European influence can be clearly seen in the western style buildings of Macauโ€™s old city.

Today Macau is one of the most affluent cities in the world, with its flourishing economy based on electronics, textile and toy manufacturing as well as tourism. The city enjoys a high degree of autonomy in many spheres, with the freedom to continue its successful market economy.

Macau is a delightful destination for honeymooners with an array of entertainment options available. Having fun is the major intention of any honeymoon, and there are many recreational opportunities in Macau. If you desire to view flamboyant cabaret-style shows, Macau offers many options in the form of a variety of nightclubs. For the visitor with slightly different tastes the selection on offer includes Portuguese folk dancing, discotheques with prominent DJs, high-profile entertainers and live dance bands.

If live music is your entertainment of choice, Macau offers a huge variety including Latin, Brazilian and African music in addition to international pop. The Docks area is the venue of choice for live music. This waterfront district has many lively pubs and clubs which stay open till the early hours. Every establishment projects a unique ambience with distinctive varieties of music including hard rock bands, Filipino house groups and Portuguese folk music.

For those who prefer an artistic or cultural experience, the Macau Cultural Centre offers many delights including musicals, ballet, dance or opera at its Grand Auditorium or an art film in its small auditorium.

Meanwhile the Cybernetic Fountain on the waterfront offers nightly music shows and laser displays on holidays and weekends. For movie lovers there are impressive cinema complexes at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre and other venues.

To experience these Macau entertainment options, you must select a Macau resort in which to stay. An ideal choice would be The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel which offers beautifully appointed rooms, exceptional dining and gracious hospitality.