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Swimming with the Maldivian marine life…

The ultimate tropical paradise with the sun, sea and sand is β€œthe” romantic holiday to die for. With a handful of isolated shores kissed by pristine ocean waves are one of the many things Maldives has in store. Its uncorrupted oceans are occupied with diverse marine life which opens the door to a whole new world.

Among the many aquatic activities that are in store, whale & dolphin watching has captured everyone’s attention. There are over 20 different whale and dolphin species that swim in these ocean blues that encircle all the islands. What makes this most enjoyable is the tropic weather unlike the cold breeze that surrounds in other dolphin watching destinations like the arctic.

These waters are home for the sperm whale, Bryde’s whale and the biggest mammal in the world, the Blue whale and the most acrobatic swimmer the spinner dolphin. Not only will you get an opportunity to watch these dolphins at play but also to make your dream of swimming with these harmless creatures.

This is an invitation for one of a kind romantic vacation in a Maldives Island Resort encircled by all the warm and rare opportunities in life things in life.