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Hot Air Balloon Rides in sunny Scottsdale

Located in Arizona, the city of Scottsdale is a typical western styled American city. Although the state of Arizona is dominated by deserts, there is plenty to see if you’re in these parts as a tourist. The Grand Canyon is probably what Arizona is most famous for around the world as it features some of the most visually breathtaking natural creations the world has ever seen. Scottsdale too is a popular tourist destination in its own right. Home to Scottsdale Fashion Square and a number of other upscale shopping outlets, Scottsdale attracts shopping fanatics from all around the world. Each November Scottsdale comes alive as the Scottsdale Fashion Week gets underway. Showcasing trendy clothing selections designed by both local and international names in the industry, this festive occasion is definitely one that should not be missed.

Among the many things to do in Arizona, one experience that you simply have to try out is to take a hot air balloon ride. Book your flight with one of the many local FAA certified hot air balloon operators and be ensured of a safe ride in to the cloudy skies of Scottsdale. While your trip will take you over the Sonoran Desert you will be given the chance to feast your eyes on spectacular views from hundreds of feet up in the air.

While most of the flights are scheduled to take off at specific times where visitors will have the chance to see the sunrise or the sunset depending on their choice, your host will describe the many significant locations and desert lands you pass by during the course of your tour. Generally visitors are allowed to bring cameras along and dressing casual is allowed provided that shorts and sandals are not a part of your attire. The entire trip will probably take a maximum of three hours which includes a 30 min pre launch briefing.

Millennium Resort Scottsdale McCormick Ranch is an ideal rest where you can base your stay while on holiday. This Scottsdale resort is conveniently located in the city and grants easy access to many of the city’s interesting sites. Know to offer excellent dining options that feature mouthwatering delicacies from around the world, this one of a kind Scottsdale hotel will make sure that the service you receive is of a high standard.