Flower Market Kowloon: A Gardenerโ€™s Dream

In the western part of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Peninsula lies the bustling Mongkok city. Renown for being one of the busiest cities in the world, the Kowloon city Flower Market offers a relaxing haven for those trying to escape the routine of daily life. Situated on Prince Edward West Road, the Kowloon Flower Market is a colourful oasis of flowers and is a favourite haunt among the locals. A short distance from Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong, the Flower Market has fed the city’s love for gardening for many years.

Open throughout the week from 7 a.m until late evening, Kowloon Flower Market has over 50 stalls that sell the best of the season’s locally grown and imported plants. Here, graceful orchids, colourful bouganvillias and bright sunflowers sit beside artistic bonsai trees that are ready to be taken home by the city’s enthusiastic gardeners. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon in the city, the Kowloon Flower Market is the ideal venue to make all your gardening purchases with many shops selling seeds, fertiliser and flower pots to decorate your garden alongside other garden equipment. It is also the best place to buy a beautiful flower bouquet to surprise a loved one and collect items needed to recreate your dream garden that will rival the beautiful gardens seen in many a Hotel in Kowloon.

Kowloon’s Flower Market enthusiastically joins the season’s festivities with the Chinese New Year welcoming shoppers to purchase ‘Lucky Bamboo’ arrangements and other auspicious plants while the Christmas season sees the Market sell Christmas decorations alongside seasonal Christmas trees, hyacinth buds, poinsettia and ivy. Visitors can spend hours walking past the numerous flower shops and relax with a cup of organic tea at ‘Hay Fever’ while admiring the shop’s own assortment of flowers and plants. While in Kowloon’s Flower Market, visit the famous Yuen Po Bird Garden situated at the end of Flower Market Road where you can gaze at beautiful birds found in the Market’s 70 stalls and listen to their sweet chattering.

Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.