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Beach Weddings in Maldives

Walking down an aisle of pure white sand looking just as stunning as the setting, is a dream come true for most Brides and Grooms. Couples are lucky enough to take the wedding vows surrounded by the breathtaking shores of the Indian Ocean and floral décor inspired by the resounding paradise. Maldives is a dream wedding destination. If you want your wedding to be truly different then, visit Maldives to have that special wedding experience. There are many Maldives resorts and hotels to celebrate weddings, and one could quite responsibly confirm that the Maldives’ is the finest of locations to have that ideal beach wedding. If you are looking out for an exquisite resort that would give you and your special someone that perfect start then it should be the Velassaru Maldives resort! An extravagant and charming resort the Velassaru Maldives will provide you with an unsurpassable experience to last a life time! The stunning backdrop of a setting sun, amidst the swaying palm trees, overlooking the sparkling turquoise sea will be magical. Velassaru Maldives offers their guests a bundle of wedding service options from premium package, deluxe package and tropical package to choose from. Set on a secluded stretch of the beach of the couple’s choice this exotic resort gifts its visitors the perfect wedding ceremony inclusive of wine, flowers, wedding cake and much more! Not forgetting the immaculate floral arrangements and tailor made photography & video packages!

Maldives is a very famous island for honeymoons, couples could choose to get to know each other through a swim around a house reef with a mask and fin, or dive among the beautiful, vibrant reefs.  Couples can also indulge in a soul rejuvenating spa treatment. Maldives is truly a magical island, where dreams are made. Many people, especially very influential and famous celebrities and powerful people from all the world come to indulge in these magical islands. It is also a favorite holiday destination among royal families of the world. The Maldives were created for island lovers. Couples who love the barefoot life, who love being together where the only footprints in the sand are their own, who love to relax on magical beaches, who love to do water sports by day and luxuriate in the ultimate creature comforts.

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