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Lovers rock Hong Kong – Hopes to…

A symbol of tradition in the bustling city Hong Kong offers many an anecdote to the traveller – be it shopping, food or interesting traditions. An interesting landmark that you might come across is Lovers’ Rock. Located in the heart of the city, visitors on the Bowen’s Road fitness trail – which lies …

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Flower Market Kowloon: A Gardener’s …

In the western part of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Peninsula lies the bustling Mongkok city. Renown for being one of the busiest cities in the world, the Kowloon city Flower Market offers a relaxing haven for those trying to escape the routine of daily life. Situated on Prince Edward West Road, the Kowloon Flower …

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Hong Kong’s Most Exciting Amusement …

The highly urban and bustling region of Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. Considered to be an important financial centre of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong is known for its unique combination of tradition oriental customs with the modern urban lifestyle. Hong Kong’s rich heritage, historical and cultural …

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Romantic Vacations Hong Kong – L…

Whether to rekindle the old flame of romance, or better still to create incredible memories for one’s honeymoon, there’s nothing like Hong Kong for some star class wining and dining, star gazing, sun soaking or spectacular helicopter rides to lift you  up to the very clouds literally. Take your pick of the array …

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