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Traditional Thai Massage

With traditional healing methods which have been used for more than 2,500 years, world renowned massage treatments, a range of medicinal herbs and natural settings that complement these therapies, the traditional healing methods of Thailand makes the country a much sought after holiday destination.

Also known as the ‘Kingdom of beauty and health’, Thailand is referred to by some as the ‘wellness’ capital of Asia. With health centres and spas located all over the country there are plenty of options here for treating and healing one’s mind, body and spirit.

Most of the wellness options in Thailand come with the widely acclaimed traditional Thai massage techniques known for its rejuvenating and healing benefits. Thai massage and spa treatments are also complemented by their traditional herbal remedies. Formulas used in herbal medicines and the methods used in massage treatments have been well tested for centuries for effectiveness and safety.

Like various other aspects of Thailand’s culture, the traditional massage methods also originated in India and became part of Thai culture along with the faith of Buddhism. The techniques, mainly used to relieve tension and body aches, originated in the Buddhist missionaries in India. This style of massage uses the energy lines of the body and focuses on ten of the key lines. It also uses yoga postures and pressure applying methods to release the tensions and energy blocked along these invisible lines. There is also a spiritual element to this type of treatment where it is believed that part of the healing process involves the therapist invoking a sense of wellbeing.

For a relaxing holiday where you can revive and renew your body, mind and soul, the best option would be Thailand. Most of the luxury accommodation options in the country boast their own spas providing traditional Thai massages and thus staying at a luxury hotel Bangkok affords the perfect opportunity to truly unwind. For those seeking a 5 star Bangkok hotel with luxury amenities and facilities Anantara Bangkok Sathorn provides a range of accommodation options and has its own spa which offers traditional Thai massages that lets one enjoy true relaxation.