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Regarded as the island’s foremost botanical garden the Royal Botanical Garden of Peradeniya is a horticultural attraction of monumental scope and significance in Sri Lanka. Established as early as 1371 by King Kirti Sri Rajasinhe the venue was later transformed in to a botanical garden by Sir Edward Barnes.
Spread out across 147 acres the Peradeniya Botanical Garden occupies pride of place in the heart of hill capital Kandy where it is located. Towering above the surrounding landscapes at an awe-inspiring altitude of 460m the venue also holds the honour of being the largest botanical garden space of its kind in all of Sri Lanka. With cool weather conditions prevailing throughout most of the calendar year the scenic setting of this royally commissioned horticultural expanse could not be more appropriate.
Showcasing more than 4000 floral species within its confines the garden is lined with ferns, palm trees and screw pines that tower above the rolling lawns of the meticulously manicured grounds of the venue. Must-see points of interest within the garden include its Orchid House where rare species of the flower are housed while The Great Circle with plants planted by foreign rulers including Russian Tzars and British royalty is equally intriguing. The Spice Garden and the park’s own Arboretum and Herbarium are other highlights while the Ebony Collection, Cactus House, Medicinal Garden and the Octagon Conservatory are stunning corners of a garden that is a popular haunt for picnics and weekend getaways.
The Cycad Collection, Fiscus Collection and the Plant House with thorny plant genera are other intriguing quarters of Peradeniya which is also home to a large number of Sal Trees. Ideal for long walks and quiet evenings the flower beds that litter the park contain chrysanthemums, bougainvilleas and roses in full bloom.
A tranquil lake also occupies the centre of the garden and is laden with papyrus reeds and vibrant water lilies for all to see. A tributary monument to George Gardener is also located near the lake in the shape of a domed rotunda.

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Imagine walking hand in hand along a soft sandy beach as the waves gently rush to shore nearby and the cooling ocean breezes are full with the promise of love. Beach weddings in Sri Lanka offer all this and more. If you are looking for contemporary hotels which let you enjoy a wedding by the sea then consider properties belonging to AVANI Hotels & Resorts. This well known name in the hospitality industry features
upscale hotels that are ideal for hosting weddings and provide charming settings along the South Coast.

Beach weddings in Sri Lanka offer a magical backdrop in which to celebrate your love for each other. Couples can choose to incorporate Sri Lankan rituals and customs as well including the presence of traditional drummers and dancers who add a unique element to the wedding. The coastal backdrop itself is most enchanting and if you get married in the evening, you can look forward to a breathtaking sunset gracing the occasions as well. For something truly unique couples can even look to organise an elephant ride on the shore; now that’s what you call a wedding with a difference!

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Say “I do” in the tranquil settings of a tropical paradise, within the idyllic surrounds of Sri Lanka, and couples can opt for making it even more memorable by exchanging vows in the midst of a rustic natural setting – sure to make for an interesting topic of conversation for years to come. Make it a part of your Sri Lanka travel itinerary and choose pioneers in the industry Jetwing Travels for a one-of-a-kind Sri Lanka tour package. If you would like a wedding outside of the traditional church or beach options, how about getting married in the midst of a lush tropical jungle? Imagine exchanging your most meaningful promises standing on a platform made entirely of natural materials and decorated with sparkling white spirals of the local “manel” flowers. This unique platform will enjoy a scenic panorama overlooking the Belihul Oya River framed by the backdrop of the stunning Bakers Falls. Or perhaps you might opt for a ceremony as twilight falls (next to Thalakotewewa reservoir) with the impressive Lion Fortress in the background – a mighty photo opportunity. Imagine the twinkling lights of candles and oil lamps decorating the jungle-scape whilst you enjoy a mouthwatering buffet under the stars with loved ones. Experience a truly one-of-a-kind wedding, accompanied by dancers and musicians garbed in traditional Sri Lankan attire, and partake of ancient customs such as the auspicious cutting of the local dish of milk rice to signify a prosperous life undertaken together. Afterward, look forward to truly unique honeymoon experiences in lush natural settings for a wedding and honeymoon that will be utterly unforgettable.

Dreaming of that perfect beach wedding serenaded by the perfumed sea breeze on the backdrop of the turquoise seas beautifully contrasting with the whiteness of the powdery sands? Then Bentota is the place for you. There are many Sri Lanka boutique hotels located along this alluring beach strip and a recommended luxury hotel Sri Lanka has to offer would be Saman Villas Bentota known for its fine melange of elegance and style. Let the wide open blue skies be your witness as you make your vows to one another. Whether it be a traditional Sinhalese wedding adorned with elaborately dressed Kandyan dancers, colourful rites performed ceremoniously or a simple intimate wedding for two, Bentota is the ideal place that will add that extra touch of romance to your important day. Feel the soft sands beneath your feet and the warmth of the coast as you take your first steps together as man and wife along a sun-kissed beach.

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Vietnam possesses a wealth of treasures that would entice travellers from all walks of life. From its soaring mountain peaks, scintillating coastline to its serene village lifestyle, the sights and sounds of Vietnam are indeed worth exploring. Offering some of the most popular Vietnam holidays from Sri Lanka that will take you to the heart of the country, Jetwing Holidays with its tours from Sri Lanka will lead you on a journey of great discovery.

Take a tour guide with you as you follow each enchanting trail in Vietnam. Encounter a range of temples located in the capital of Hanoi. Located on the Hoan Kiem Lake, one will be able to witness the Ngoc Son Temple while the Quan Thanh Taoist Temple which dates back to the 11th century will be one destination where you could gather an understanding of the olden days. For a traditional performance of stage art, head over to Northern Vietnam where you can feast your eyes on some Water Puppetry.

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The imposing Richmond Castle located in the town of Kalutara is a splendid mansion which is considered to be one of the finest such edifices in the nation of Sri Lanka. Constructed in 1896 this magnificent creation is reputed to be one of the most handsome architectural designs of the period. It was originally the residence of a local governor and landowner, Mudaliyar N. D. A. Silva Wijesinghe who was the possessor of vast wealth. It also functioned as a circuit bungalow for senior officers of the colonial British administration. Today the mansion is a popular visitor attraction as well as an educational institution for underprivileged children of the locality.

Richmond Castle is a grand two storey edifice with no less than 34 windows and 99 doors, adorned with exquisitely crafted glass panes with a design motif of spreading grape vines. According to records two entire shiploads of teak wood were brought over from Burma for the construction of the building.

The entire mansion is characterized by ornate carvings and features Scottish and Italian mirrors and glass windows. It includes everything required for a luxurious lifestyle at the time, including a lavish dancing floor, rooms for guards and workers and a stable.

Many observers have remarked that the building resembles a British mansion more than a stately Sri Lankan home. Even today the timber seems to be perfectly preserved, apparently as fresh as when it was brought to the nation.

The gardens are another thing of beauty at the site, having once boasted a thriving profusion of blooms. Today the gardens are still beautiful, but now feature a host of productive trees such as mangosteen, coconut, rambutan, mango, guava and a number of citrus varieties. The Mudaliyar was a nature lover and painstakingly cultivated his garden, decorating it with numerous marble statues. Of these a number of marble figures still stand.

With so much to see and admire the visitor is sure to be enthralled by this resplendent edifice, which depicts the splendid lifestyle of Sri Lankan mudaliyars in times past.

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The idyllic region of Kalutara on the southern Sri Lankan coast is the perfect place for a weekend of week-long getaway. Home to some interesting cultural locations and of course, ultra-pristine beaches, this unique stretch of tropical sand will provide an unforgettable vacation experience for everyone who visits. Of all beach hotels Sri Lanka has to offer its visitors, the selection of Kalutara hotels are infused with a charm all their own. You might consider checking into The Sands as it offers prime accommodation on the beach, with fun activities galore to entertain the entire family for hours on end, such as Crab Racing, and the chance to witness Coin Makers and Gem Cutters honing their craft. Close to Kalutara Beach is one of the most famous archeological sites in Asia: the Pahiyan-gala (Fa-Hiengala) Caves, which are considered to be the world’s oldest example of pre-historic life in Asia, as it has recorded artefacts and humanoid skulls dating back almost 37,000 years. A massive cave structure that can accommodate up to 3,000 people at one time, it claims the title of the largest natural rock in Asia, with an intricate network of tunnels running deep into the interior of the mountain. Pahiyan-gala is the name given to the humanoid species that inhabited the caves 37,000 years prior, and the location is also a significant Buddhist landmark, as a Chinese monk named Fa Hien was also an inhabitant of the cave in the fifth century. Modern visitors who visit the caves will now discover that it has been converted into a unique Buddhist temple, infused with a special aura of tranquility given its location in the cave. Affording an ideal spot for some meditation as you breathe in almost 40,000 years of history, the Pahiyangala (Fa-Hiengala) Caves are a must-visit item on your cultural itinerary in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka is a country where culture and historical practices are held to the utmost importance by the people. Never are these cultural practices more important that at traditional weddings; each and every part of the wedding ceremony is carefully choreographed and planned before hand so that it is accurate right down to the jewellery that is worn by the bride.
The concept of marriage was alien to the peasants of Sri Lanka until the arrival of the European colonials who brought with them the notions of marriage being a legal union. Until then, marriage was not a legal union and men and women entered into unions that were celebrated by festivals in which the entire village participated with great fervour. Today’s Sri Lankan wedding has aspects borrowed from traditional Sri Lankan culture as well as incorporating European influences.
The sari is the dress of choice for the bride, and most brides wear three saris during the course of the wedding. The bride usually wears a white sari during the Poruwa Ceremony – where the bride and groom stand on an ornate platform and exchange rings to the chant of traditional songs of good luck. The timing of this ceremony is determined by an astrologer who takes into account the birth times of the bride and the groom.
Guests are treated to a sumptuous banquet following the Poruwa Ceremony, where the newly married couple partakes in their first meal together; the timing of this meal is also determined by an astrologer. The banquet usually consists of traditional food based on rice floor; sweets made out of rice flour are also presented to the guests. However, many couples today opt for a western style buffet which has a selection of continental food as well.
The final event of a traditional wedding is when the bride and the groom leave their place of marriage to their new home. Traditionally this would be to the groom’s home though variations of this existed during Kandyan times, where sometimes the groom would move into the bride’s home. Another reception would be organized at their new home to welcome the new couple.
Though this traditional ceremony has changed over the years, the concepts remain the same and many a Sri Lanka resort offers foreign couples the opportunity to tie the knot the Sri Lankan way. Among them is the Sri Lanka spa resort known as Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa.
While Sri Lanka may be known for its pristine beaches, this island paradise also has a number of other stunning natural attractions including waterfalls. Many of the country’s well known falls can be found in and around the hill country or what is referred to locally as the “up country”. Made up of not one, but two cascading water sources, St Clair’s Falls, is a picturesque site definitely worth visiting when in the area. The 329 foot Ramboda Ella, the 281 foot Devon Falls, Lakshapana Falls at Maskeliya Oya and Baker’s Falls at the Horton Plains National Park are among the other scenic spots one can head to when exploring the up country.
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Some observe from land, others survey from the waters, while the more daring watch from up and above. Enjoy the hawk eye view from joy riding on a hot air balloon where every seat has a jaw dropping view of the picturesque scenery unfolding beneath you.
Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean offers panoramic views of beautiful green landscapes, exotic beaches that cocoon this tear drop island and many a cultural and heritage sites that never fail to amaze the onlooker. So how does one get about to getting the ultimate sightseeing experience of this paradise island? The answer comes in the exhilarating prospect of hot air ballooning. When conventional sightseeing gets boring, here is the absolute thrilling means of enjoying the natural beauty of this Island.
Enjoy the dramatic views of winding rivers, cascading waterfalls, cultural site, beautiful mountains and local urban homestead that define this island unfold beneath you as you soar above them. The unique aspect of hot air ballooning is that no two rides are the same for always the flight routes are varied and the course of direction is never the same. Typically, flights take off into the rising sun at dawn break offering spectacular sights of the awakening islanders. Generally a flight will take you over the island for a good four hours and its is perfectly safe given the fact that there is always a jeep below the flight path with continuous communication with the pilot to make sure your slight in a smooth flow.
Hot air ballooning is heavily dependent on the weather and climate conditions and while no particular day is the perfect day to soar the best season for hot air ballooning ideally would be any day between October and April. With the lack of rain and light winds to carry you creates the perfect condition to best enjoy the panorama beneath you.   If you are a foreign traveller or a local travelling the distance enjoy the accommodation at one of the hotels Sri Lanka that are in close vicinity to hot air ballooning institutes. Aitken Spence Hotels are an exemplary choice offering some of the best hotels Sri Lanka. Within these beautiful accommodations you will find the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality.