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Why you should have a Beach Wedding in Sri Lanka

Standing together hand in hand, feeling the soft sand between your toes and taking in the breathtaking sunset that colours the horizon in fiery hues; this is the magical setting that awaits those having beach weddings in Sri Lanka.

A wedding in Sri Lanka is arranged according to your needs

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your beach wedding in Sri Lanka, there’s a myriad of resorts located by the shore, the likes of AVANI Kalutara Resort. These offer guests a choice between planning a simple low key wedding by the sea or a lavish and traditional Sri Lankan style wedding.

Image Credit: AVANI Kalutara Resort

Sri Lanka wedding planners are very experienced

Other than for being a happy couple in love you may not have a clue about planning a beach wedding. This is the benefit of choosing Sri Lanka as your wedding destination. Many resorts offer the services of very experienced wedding planners who on meeting and getting to know the couple expertly understand and offer a ceremony package that is perfect for their tastes and expectations.

There are no ‘off seasons’

As a tropical destination, the country does not have any particular offseasons; the only anomaly is during the two monsoon seasons which are experienced at different points of the island.

The best honeymoon memories

Choosing the country for your wedding means you need not visit any other location for a dream honeymoon. The stunning scenery around the beaches and rustic fisher villages are quite romantic while cycle tours into the countryside and excursions to ancient coastal temples promise to add more than a touch of magic to your wedding.

Image Credit:  AVANI Kalutara Resort

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