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Beach Weddings in Sri Lanka

From lush gardens and serene beaches to luxury yachts and resorts to banquet, Sri Lanka offers a selection of venues for weddings and receptions to set the stage for a one of a kind ceremony. But what could be more romantic than standing on a tropical white-sand beach, your toes in the warm sand, beautiful turquoise waves lapping at your ankles, surrounded by your closest friends and family as you promise your lives, your hearts, and your futures to each other?

Sri Lanka has some of the best beaches for tropical beach weddings; there’s something so romantic about down south, especially Wadduwa that will make you want to take your vows against the stunning backdrop of crystal clear turquoise waters.

There are many hotels in down south. Decide on a beach that is suitable for you. Whether you want a secluded spot or a lively type of beach, there are many choices in this area like The Blue Water Wadduwa that guarantees a perfect beach wedding. With the Indian Ocean unfurling into the horizon, you’ll feel as though you have stepped into a magnificent painting when you set foot at the picturesque wedding venues. From grand affairs and intimate gatherings to barefoot nuptials on the beach, you’ll find great venue options to create your meaningful and memorable celebration.

Being outside, hand in hand, with the breeze blowing softly through your hair as you exchange vows, sounds dreamy right? Whether you just can’t get enough of expressing your love to one another or you want to top the memories of your wedding experience rekindle your vows in Sri Lanka and fall in love with each other again and again.
Be sure to check out the many things do in Wadduwa if you want a spell away from the sand, you’ll find enough distractions to keep you occupied here.

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