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Scenic Sultan Park

While many often dream only of staying at theΒ best resort in Maldives, enjoying the warm golden rays of the tropical sun and relaxing back the azure waters of the beautiful ocean, the Republic of Maldives is peppered with attractions and places to see. Granted, the resorts are of a high quality and hotels such asΒ Adaaran Select HudhuranfushiΒ are exquisite because of the immediate access its water chalets provide to the sea and there is nothing much that can stop you from waking up early, climbing down a wooden staircase and taking a dip in the Indian Ocean. While the panoramic natural beauty of the islands is undeniable, the people and the culture of Maldives are also of some interest.

The Capital city of Maldives, Male, is home to a number of such sites such as the National Museum where guests can obtain an insight into the history and culture of this beautiful cluster of islands. Male is also home to the Hukuru Miskiiy, also known as the Old Friday Mosque, and the Mulee Aage Palace (the Office of the President) is worth a visit as well.

Subsequent to visiting the National Museum of Maldives, a wonderful way to ponder upon the information one has just learnt is to take a stroll around Sultan’s Park. The Museum is located within the Park and, as the name itself suggests, the Park was once part of the grounds of the Sultan’s Palace. It is best not to visit the Park on Fridays, especially if you wish to take a leisurely stroll around its grounds, as it is only open for a few hours in the evening. The Park is generally open from 8am-6pm from Sunday to Thursday. Many sing high praise about the Park because of the colourful flowers and well maintained lawns which contribute to a sense of serenity that complements the general mood of Maldives and makes it a wonderful place to visit.

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