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Planning a romantic tour with your loved one: Rewrite a romantic chapter at the Historic Galle Fort

Planning to escape the mundane routine of daily life? If the answer is yes, look no farther than Sri Lanka’s historic Galle city, home to the famous Dutch Fort, whose alluring old-world charm, tranquillity and awe-inspiring natural beauty make it a perfect romantic destination.

Situated along Sri Lanka’s southern coast, Galle’s famous Fort is a proud reminder of the city’s European heritage and rich history as a once thriving port city. A short drive fromJetwing KurulubeddaΒ and other beachsideΒ Luxury Villas Sri Lanka, the 17th century fortress is a unique representation of Sri Lanka’s Colonial heritage which earned it the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage title. Within the sturdy walls of the Galle Fort lies a quaint European-inspired town complete with lodgings, government offices, churches and museums and is also home to a diverse ethnic community. A favourite travel destination, a weekend spent in the midst of Colonial history and Sri Lanka’s own slice of Europe is all that is needed to inspire romanticism.

Strolling through the narrow alleyways of Galle Fort lined with its compact, colourful 17th and 18th century homes, it is easy to forget that one is still in Sri Lanka. Budget accommodation at the historic homes of the Galle Fort can be arranged and in the luxurious setting of the historic Amangalla Hotel, a former Dutch Governor’s residence, the romanticism of a by-gone era is inescapable. Despite being a top tourist attraction, the Fort is surprisingly tranquil and allows you to leisurely stroll hand-in-hand with your partner to admire the surroundings of this one-of-a-kind European establishment.

Delight her with an intimate meal at the quaint restaurants and coffee shops that line the Fort’s alleys and buy her a beautiful art piece at one of the many antique shops found here. Renew your marriage vows at the historic Dutch Reformed Church and walk along the Fort’s southern-most rampart to watch the sunset over the breathtaking Indian Ocean and cuddle up for a picture at the foot of the picturesque lighthouse and the majestic clock tower. Yes, in Galle, the romanticism of old Europe still lives!

Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.