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In pursuit of great flavours in the Valley of taste

Swan valley is where the wonders of this western Australian region come together to enthrall its visitors with its native greenery, extensive wine yards rich with the aroma of breweries, its historic ruins and buildings and secluded footpaths and picnic grounds. This wonderland in Western Australia is surprisingly close to the Perth city centre being a mere 25 minute drive away while it is also 10 minutes away from the local airport. As the oldest wine growing region in the district, many wineries in this area still belong to the descendents of the European immigrants.

The best way to experience swan valley would be to journey along its winding path of Swan valley food and wine trail which stretches to 32 km with as many as 150 places of interest along the way from wineries to breweries to restaurants and shops. Strolling along this path, one comes upon a great many scenic locations where the abundance of trees as well as foot paths and nearby waterfalls make great picnic locations. Extensive wine yards and breweries throw their tempting aromas to the morning breeze and indeed, a taste of these fineries is possible along the way at the wine cellars. For the art and history fans, there are galleries as well as ancient heritage sites that lie along this path waiting to be explored. There are also plenty of activities to be tried such as cycling, horse riding and golf for the more enthusiastic and sporty traveller. While the extensive assortment of wines can cure your thirst for a rich, seductive flavor, a bite of those freshly baked goodies from one of the many restaurants along the way can do wonderful things to your palate. Many festivals, especially those where fine wines are a definite accompaniment, happens at swan valley and these include the wine show and the famous spring in the valley festival.

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