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Huka Falls

A magnificent and majestic natural formation in New Zealand, Huka Falls offers far more than a just a waterfall to be looked upon. Stepping in to the area surrounding this famous waterfall will send travellers in a soothing journey amidst nature.

Formed by the passage of the Weikato River in its journey towards Lake Taupo, the path of the river enters a narrow point with a gap of only 100m between the banks. From here the water is squeezed through a hard volcanic rock formation that creates a build up of pressure before it shoots out over the 11 metre drop of Huka Falls.

For those who wish to see this build up for themselves, the hike between Spa Park and Huka Park is a popular option as it takes travellers a chance to see the shifting water flow. This trek will last approximately one hour and begins at a section where the Waikato River is still fairly gentle.

A footbridge crosses over the top of the falls allowing visitors to get an up close look at the tremendous force of water colliding against rock. The feeling of fresh air and naturalistic scenery will truly invigorate all who visit.

When travelling to the Huka Falls visitors will be struck by the extremely picturesque nature of the area that almost looks like it could only exist in a postcard. The water is pristine, while the mountainous landscape on either side presents a stunning backdrop to the entire experience. The area surrounding Huka Falls is pleasant with it being completely enclosed by nature, which presents a stark contrast from the city.

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