Exotic Wedding in Maldives

Island Vows

The day you dreamed of is finally here. The wind whispers sweet nothings and the promise of romance all around you. You take a step on this unique aisle of sand; the feel of soft sand between your toes offers a wonderful sensation. Instead of a typical wedding march tune, an ocean serenade surrounds you, Mother Nature’s own song of love. And as the sun paints the skies in hues of crimson and gold, the breathtaking beauty that envelops the landscape is momentarily forgotten; for there up ahead, is the one you have pledged your life to, the one you will be beginning a bold new adventure with; the one who you have given your heart to and received theirs in return. Weddings don’t get any more magical than this, and in Maldives, that is exactly what you can expect!

Be it organising a beach wedding or beginning your new chapter of love at a luxury honeymoon resort, Maldives provides plenty of options for those looking to experience exotic island charm. While marriage ceremonies are not legally binding, couples can look to celebrate their big day with a special ceremony. Some resorts such as Kandolhu Island Maldives even offer renewal of vow ceremonies for couples wanting to renew their commitment to each other.

Apart from the beach which offers the perfect island backdrop for a wedding, the Maldives also gives couples a chance to add some unique touches to their special day. One such feature is to have traditional Boduberu drummers incorporated into the ceremony, adding their own characteristic beat to the proceedings. Your wedding doesn’t have to be on land either; for something, totally unique couples can even organise a special ceremony on a dhoni (traditional Maldivian boat) or a luxury yacht, amidst the sight of the setting sun. End the day with dinner under the stars and by the shore, toasting the beginning of a new chapter of love.

Island Vows
Image Source: [Kandolhu Island MaldivesΒ – Island Vows]
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