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Boat Tour In Negombo- An Experience To Remember

One of the best things about Negombo is the fact that it is a multi-ethnic city that is most often than not easy-paced and traveler-friendly. In addition to its gorgeous beaches, the city is also popular for its fabulous sea food offerings. From live and kicking crabs to colorful prawns, the selection of seafood at any of the town’s great restaurants is simply astonishing. Slowly but surely Negombo seems to be developing over the recent past and has been recognized as one of the top tourist destinations in the country, as many tourists are drawn to its captivating shores on a regular basis.

Travelers to Negombo thinking of the best way to get closer to the natural aspect of its offerings will find that taking a boat tour gives you the opportunity to get a feel for what Negombo is all about. Muthurajawela Marsh is a marshland habitat located in Negombo abounding in bio-diversity. This damp and watery region teems with all sorts of life-forms and supports a diverse eco system which draws many a traveler to the region.

As these marshy lands are home to an abundant population of fresh water fish and swamp dwellers, a significant bird population too thrives here due to the abundance of prey. Visitors on a boat tour should preferably request to be taken out over the water either very early in the morning or just before sunset, as this is the time of day when the birds of this habitat are at their liveliest. Several tour operators in Negombo offer such boat tours to visitors both local and foreign.

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