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Bird Watching in Negombo

Located along the seaside, Negombo is an idyllic town on Sri Lanka’s West coast that offers travellers a laidback holiday getaway. Known for its picturesque natural scenery, the area provides nature lovers plenty of opportunities to experience the rich biodiversity of the Island. Among the many possible outdoor pursuits in the region, bird watching in Negombo is a popular activity and one that offers plenty of opportunities to take a look at a wide range of avifauna in their natural habitat.

One of the best spots for bird watching is at the Muthurajawela Marsh which is the island’s largest peat bog and where one can see migratory species as well. With its origins believed to date back to around 5000 B.C, this ecologically diverse marsh and wetlands which includes the Negombo lagoon covers an area of approximately 6,000 hectares.

Home to a variety of reptiles, insects and fish, the Muthurajawela Marsh has recorded around 102 bird species which include 19 migratory ones. Due to its diverse wetland eco system, the marsh attracts various types of birds including those who depend on the aquatic life as a food source. Egrets, little and Indian cormorants, kingfishers and purple herons, black-crowned night herons, black bitterns, chestnut bitterns, little grebe and the white-breasted water hen are some of the species one can come across while exploring the wetlands.

The country also attracts a considerable number of migratory birds, some of which can be seen here. Among these are the whiskered tern, Eurasian curlew, curlew sandpiper and the Whimbrel which are classified as ‘waders’, while migrant forest birds include the brown shrike, grey wagtail, Asian paradise flycatcher and the greenish warbler. Resident forest birds like the little minivet, white-bellied drongo, rose-ringed parakeet and Sri Lanka green pigeon can be also spotted along with such birds of prey as the Brahminy kite, palled harrier and shikra.

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