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Bird Watching in Amazing Abu Dhabi

Relaxed and laidback, Abu Dhabi is one of the few tourist destinations in the UAE where the traveller is able to visit a variety of unique attractions. Although some might label Abu Dhabi as a money hungry metropolis which attracts thousands of petrodollars on a daily basis, the city has much more to offer and very seldom disappoints. Blessed with enchanting oases, Abu Dhabi has the golden desert sun shining on its lands during most parts of the year and gives the adventurous traveller the chance to engage in a range of great leisure activities such as desert safaris, camel rides, and bird watching.
Although most might believe that bird watching in Abu Dhabi offers very little chance of actually spotting birds, visitors are often pleasantly surprised as several varieties of migratory birds can be seen in several specific locations in and around the city. Sir Bani Yas is a small island located not too far away from Abu Dhabi. Among the surrounding desert regions this plentiful little island stands out as it boasts plenty of greenery and picturesque mountainous terrain. This environment happens to be ideal for migratory birds in search of resting grounds while travelling to find greener pastures.

The bird sanctuary located on the island itself features a number of bird species such as cranes, Egyptian geese, pheasants and guinea fowl, together with a few flightless varieties such as African ostriches, emus and even rheas. Some of the most common migratory birds spotted on the island and in various locations in Abu Dhabi include the socotra cormorant, sandwich tern, sooty gull, Arctic skua, swift tern, lesser black-backed gull and the lesser crested tern. Along the coastal regions of Abu Dhabi you will have the chance to see several kinds of seafaring birds as well.

Arguably the best time to visit Abu Dhabi if you’re a bird witching enthusiast is between March and July. While the weather is quite pleasant during this time of the year hundreds of birds on their annual migratory journeys glide through these regions.

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