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Beaches in Sri Lanka

The island nation of Sri Lanka is blessed with a wealth of natural bounty throughout its shores and when it comes to beaches, there is no exception. Travellers will find a vast offering of beaches located all over the island during their travel in Sri Lanka.

In most parts of Sri Lanka visitors will find that they can access a beach with relative ease due to the sheer number of them in the country. These pristine beaches provide a host of activities in addition to the prospect of a cool breeze, soothing scenery and generally pleasant weather.

For travellers who don’t like to get wet, just briefly wading in the water provides a relaxing sensation of having water run over your feet as you move about the soft sand. The more adventurous can venture out in to the waters for a leisurely swim.

Travellers can also dive beneath the waves and discover coral reefs in the waters off Bentota for example while diving off any of the beaches will presents visitors with a diverse array of marine life to spot. Snorkelling is another popular activity that allows those afraid of diving to still gaze upon the many wonders that lie beneath the waves in Sri Lanka. The many beaches also lend themselves well for surfing which can be indulged in just about any beach. Sri Lanka has gained popularity amongst surfing enthusiasts worldwide.

Sea turtles are another popular attraction especially in the beaches of Kosgoda. These peaceful and gentle creatures come ashore to lay their eggs, which has become a popular event to witness.

Sri Lanka with its many beaches is a perfect destination for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and a variety of water surface related activities including jet skiing. During your Sri Lanka travel renting a car removes the hassle of find transport during your trip. Malkey Rent A Car provides a Sri Lanka car rental option that offers a variety of automobiles ensuring that travellers will find an option suitable to their needs.