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Bali Sunset Dinner Cruises

Located on the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands is the Indonesian island of Bali. Known for its rich culture & heritage and natural beauty, Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s hottest tourist destinations. With its multi-ethnic and multi-religious society and lifestyle, Bali is a great place to spend an exotic vacation as it is also known to have many cultural & recreational attractions, fascinating visual arts and performances, and breath-taking scenery.

The tropical atmosphere of Bali is also one of its highlights as the gentle breeze and the warm, yet mild, temperature of the island ensures hours of outdoor activity. At nighttime, the island becomes blissfully quiet and relaxing, and thus is a great place to embark on a romantic sunset dinner cruise around the island. Considered to be a truly romantic and blissful experience, a sunset dinner cruise in Bali is sure to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

A typical Bali sunset cruise departs the shore at about 5.45pm, just as the sun begins its slow descent to the horizon. As the cruise begins, one can sip on some wine or cocktails and watch the beautiful sunset with light music being played by live bands aboard the ship, giving you a great opportunity to share some intimate and romantic moments with your loved ones. As the sky is engulfed in darkness and as the stars begin to dot the sky, you will be served a delicious spread of international and local dishes and meals, accompanied by an assortment of sides and desserts, which are sure to be a treat for your senses. While you dine, the ship will have various light entertainment items such as live music and performances which add a tinge of liveliness to the blissful and relaxing ambience of the cruise. You can even get your dance moves on after your dinner, as some dinner cruises have disco and dance floors too! Therefore, for a truly blissful sunset cruise in a tropical haven, visit Bali with your family and loved ones!

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