Al Dhafra dhow cruise- A drift in the Arabian Gulf

Whether you are one of the local residents, or the curious visitor travelling the distance to explore the splendor of Abu Dhabi to get the true essence of this remarkable city, one must make it a point to take the Al Dhafra dhow cruise. The traditional dhow cruises is a wooden sailing boat crafted for the use of merchants centuries ago as they sailed in the Arabian Seas and beyond on trade. Today there boats are made available for the visitor to luxuriate a five star buffer dinner under the sparkling stars while drifting in the beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea.Β 
As with the food, the view from one of these boats is simply divine and promises to take your breath away as u survey the inland gleaming with majesty. The interior of these ships are modernized with bathrooms and equipped with modern facilities such as satellite navigation hence it is the perfect blend of cosmopolitan with traditional. The key features that have made this beautiful desert oasis highly sought after are the unparalleled and uncompromised luxuries and facilities offered by Abu Dhabi Hotels. Those of you who require the accommodation of an Abu Dhabi city hotel, an amiable selection would be Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi which is the latest addition of a 5 star hotel in this extraordinary city.

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