Selective travellers seeking a boutique hotel in Phuket will find an excellent choice in Thanyapura, an outstanding wellness centre offering training and sports facilities as well as a selection of health programmes.

Phuket has gained renown as an ideal setting for a romantic seaside wedding. Couples may tie the knot in this tropical paradise and spend their honeymoon in this idyllic setting. The allure of a uniquely serene and exotic locale with touches of typical Thai hospitality will make a stay in Phuket truly unforgettable. The balmy weather, friendly natives and world-class facilities combine to create an experience to be found nowhere else.

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The calm and clear waters that surround the Maldives offer the perfect setting for some fun in the sun and surf. Maldives water sports provide plenty of thrills and spills that can be enjoyed by the entire family. One such activity is snorkelling which can be enjoyed by young and old alike and which gives you the chance to see some of the country’s stunning marine and coral life. Those wanting more adrenaline pumping action can try their hand at surfing, kite-surfing, jet skiing or wakeboarding. Not to be missed is parasailing which lets you soar above the ocean while being dragged by a high-speed boat. Those in search of a Maldives luxury hotel in which to spend their holiday can stay at Cocoa Island Maldives. This luxurious Maldives resort offers a picturesque coastal sanctuary in which to get away from it all.

Thailand is one country rich in deep rooted traditions. What better time to enjoy authentic culture than at a wedding function. Weddings in Thailand are largely festive and come with an array of customary rituals. While some of these customs have been lost over time, yoEntertainmentu still can get a good idea of Thai traditions in this joyous occasion.
Like many rituals, the exact depth and style varies from region to region. In Thailand, villages up country are keener on preserving old traditions and you may see some rather interesting activities preceding the wedding ceremony. Despite the presence of monks, Thai weddings are not really religious. However, it is very traditional and Thai’s believe largely on symbolism to make sure the newlyweds have a good amount of cosmic luck. 
It all starts with choosing the date. Thais seek the assistance of astrologers to pick an auspicious time and date; astrologers first ensure that the stars of both partners are compatible and then go on to give that perfect date to ensure a successful union. Even invitations are passed out at an auspicious time. The right time plays a huge part in the weddings. 
Elders and ancestors play an important role in the lifestyle of Thais. They give much respect to age and wisdom. On this note, the family pays visits to the graves of the ancestors of the bride’s family on the eve of the wedding; this is a rather simple but important part of the ritual. Then there is the gaining of merit; if the couple is Buddhist they usually make a donation to the temple to ensure a love filled marriage and even setting an animal free can count for gaining merit. 
On the wedding day monks chant prayers to bless the couple, after which food is served and there is plenty of merry making. One can enjoy many traditional activities afterwards offering plenty of colour, glitter and fun. Do not miss the preparation of the bridal bed, quite a fascinating culture in Thai Wedding ceremonies.
There is nothing more perfect than Bangkok cruises for a honeymoon gift package. Bangkok Cruise Tour is ideal for this and offers a truly unforgettable holiday experience as you take in the sights and sounds of this enchanting Asian destination.  

Koh Phangan is an island spanning an area of 168 square kilometres surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, south east Thailand.  It is said that the moon is brightest in Koh Phangang and so it is famous for its Full Moon parties held every month, when the beaches come alive with the sound of music and dance. The bone white beaches, turquoise waters and waving palms make it the perfect backdrop for a beautiful beach wedding. 
Most couples are reluctant to exchange vows in a foreign land due to the complexity of legal regulations and documentary. But those willing to take that extra step will find Koh Phangan most rewarding. There are a hundred different resorts and locations to choose from. Be it a simple romantic wedding with only the bride and groom or a religious ceremony with the blessings of family and friends, Koh Phangan hosts it all. There are a wide range of weddings to choose from, a morning wedding on the beach under a palm tree or an exchange of vows bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun to be followed by a night fiesta with a juicy BBQ and fireworks.
Efficient wedding planners can be found by the dozen to make sure everything runs smooth and one will find experienced tailors for all jackets and wedding clothes requirements as well as the salons are more than adequate for all beauty needs. Photographers to capture those memorable moments are available and the fresh seafood and Thai cuisines are scrumptious. Not only will the wedding ceremony be a cherished memory of the bridal couple but it is guaranteed also be remembered by all who attend. Fire jugglers, flying lanterns, fireworks, karaoke, drummers and traditional Thai dancers will add to the splendour of the wedding and even maybe an elephant ride to whisk you off to the sunset. 
Koh Phangan resorts will provide all the services you require to make your wedding perfect. There is a range of Koh Phangan hotels to choose from, each with its own distinct style and beautiful scenery. Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort and Spa has held many such weddings and is one of the best luxury resorts of the island.


Some observe from land, others survey from the waters, while the more daring watch from up and above. Enjoy the hawk eye view from joy riding on a hot air balloon where every seat has a jaw dropping view of the picturesque scenery unfolding beneath you.
Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean offers panoramic views of beautiful green landscapes, exotic beaches that cocoon this tear drop island and many a cultural and heritage sites that never fail to amaze the onlooker. So how does one get about to getting the ultimate sightseeing experience of this paradise island? The answer comes in the exhilarating prospect of hot air ballooning. When conventional sightseeing gets boring, here is the absolute thrilling means of enjoying the natural beauty of this Island.
Enjoy the dramatic views of winding rivers, cascading waterfalls, cultural site, beautiful mountains and local urban homestead that define this island unfold beneath you as you soar above them. The unique aspect of hot air ballooning is that no two rides are the same for always the flight routes are varied and the course of direction is never the same. Typically, flights take off into the rising sun at dawn break offering spectacular sights of the awakening islanders. Generally a flight will take you over the island for a good four hours and its is perfectly safe given the fact that there is always a jeep below the flight path with continuous communication with the pilot to make sure your slight in a smooth flow.
Hot air ballooning is heavily dependent on the weather and climate conditions and while no particular day is the perfect day to soar the best season for hot air ballooning ideally would be any day between October and April. With the lack of rain and light winds to carry you creates the perfect condition to best enjoy the panorama beneath you.   If you are a foreign traveller or a local travelling the distance enjoy the accommodation at one of the hotels Sri Lanka that are in close vicinity to hot air ballooning institutes. Aitken Spence Hotels are an exemplary choice offering some of the best hotels Sri Lanka. Within these beautiful accommodations you will find the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality.


If you are looking forward to transforming your wedding celebrations for an unforgettable event, there is no better way of accomplishing this feat than having a cruise wedding in Bangkok. As one of the premiere Asian cities, weddings in Bangkok as with Thailand are becoming increasingly appealing to couples, amongst which cruise weddings are the popular favourite. Taking you away from the pulsating city without actually leaving it, cruise weddings along the tranquil Chao Phraya River will prove to be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the passing by splendour of this vibrant capital city of Thailand as you exchange vows and tuck into the delicious cuisine of both international and authentic Thai culinary delights.
Luxury Hotel Resorts in Thailand offer these cruises for you to choose from to celebrate the most memorable event of your life. Discover the flawless fusion of contemporary facilities, personalised services and flawless old world charm all served in the unique form of Anantara Bangkok Cruises  in Thailand. Wedding cruises Anantara,  one of the finest Luxury Hotels, will be everything you dream of and more.

Hot air balloon flights to view Dubai from air are provided by Balloon Adventures Emirates LLC, a company which functions in the same capacity in New Zealand, Germany and Hungary. Balloon Adventure Emirates LLC functions under the license of the General Civil Aviation Authority. Their well trained and experienced staff will ensure that you have the best ballooning experience ever.

Ballooning generally starts very early in the morning just so that passengers can experience the amazing sun rise over the soft dunes of the desert, taking off a little north of Al Ain in a little desert oasis. This is around 60 minutes drive from Dubai city and for those living in a hotel or in the urban area of the city transport is provided free of charge up to the take off point. Of course if you are staying anywhere else in the Emirates transport is provided from two meeting points, Dubai Festival City and from the open air car park in front of Plug-ins Store.

The ballooning adventure generally lasts for about an hour and it is generally scheduled during dawn to ensure you get to experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the incredibly beautiful desert landscape. Also at this time of the day it is much cooler and quieter adding a serene ambiance to the balloon ride; but of course all this is possible only if weather permits. Generally the season is from September till May.

Your flight includes cold refreshments, flight certificate, a heap of fun, and memories to last you a life time! The whole journey, from hotel to take off point, balloon ride, and back to the hotel will take about 5 hours.
Visitors to this amazing city in the Emirates can also explore various other forms of adventure and of course there are plenty of attractions to view. An apartment or hotel in Dubai can easily be booked through the internet. For great deals with any Dubai hotel book through your online lodging option provider. For luxury accommodation and complete enchanting Arabian experience try Raffles Dubai, UAE, which boasts one of the best locations in town.

Whether you are one of the local residents, or the curious visitor travelling the distance to explore the splendor of Abu Dhabi to get the true essence of this remarkable city, one must make it a point to take the Al Dhafra dhow cruise. The traditional dhow cruises is a wooden sailing boat crafted for the use of merchants centuries ago as they sailed in the Arabian Seas and beyond on trade. Today there boats are made available for the visitor to luxuriate a five star buffer dinner under the sparkling stars while drifting in the beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea. 
As with the food, the view from one of these boats is simply divine and promises to take your breath away as u survey the inland gleaming with majesty. The interior of these ships are modernized with bathrooms and equipped with modern facilities such as satellite navigation hence it is the perfect blend of cosmopolitan with traditional. The key features that have made this beautiful desert oasis highly sought after are the unparalleled and uncompromised luxuries and facilities offered by Abu Dhabi Hotels. Those of you who require the accommodation of an Abu Dhabi city hotel, an amiable selection would be Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi which is the latest addition of a 5 star hotel in this extraordinary city.
Camping overnight in the desert is an experience that will draw the attention of almost any visitor to the desert emirate. After a day of dune bashing – travelling across sand dunes in a four wheel drive vehicle – there is no better way to unwind than to camp in the tranquil desert. At night the desert is utterly silent and secluded, and the camper will be able to relax in the serene ambience of the desolate desert landscape.

Discerning travellers desiring Abu Dhabi luxury hotels will find a pleasing accommodation in the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. One of the outstanding Abu Dhabi hotels this fine rest offers well-appointed rooms and gracious hospitality.

The idyllic Maldive Islands have been acclaimed as one of the world’s premier surfing destinations, providing excellent conditions for the sport. However it is appropriate to keep in mind some valuable tips. Currents and tides perform an important function in determining suitable surfing conditions in the islands. Surfing breaks occur in proximity to the atoll channels and most swells are from two to four feet high. It is important to wear booties as the dead corals near the shore tend to be very sharp. Discerning visitors who seek a superior villa in Maldives will be pleased by the attractive Anantara Kihavah. Counted amongst the outstanding Maldives resorts this fine rest offers excellent accommodations and impeccable service.