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What Makes Maldives the Best Wedding Destination?

Beach Weddings

What brings magic to weddings in the Maldives? White, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and the breathtaking sunsets, of course!

The location

The Maldives is a beautiful tropical destination located in Asia and it is made of over 1000 small islands. The sugary white beaches contrasting with the striking blue ocean make Maldives a perfect location for wedding photography as well.

Private resorts

The Residence Maldives and most of the hotels and resorts that are Maldives wedding venues are located on private islands; this gives you a unique sense of privacy for your intimate gatherings. You can decide on the resort and location depending on the number of guests and how big or small you want the event to be.

Fresh food

Fishing is one of the main sources of income generators for the country, and due to this reason, there is always fresh seafood available in the Maldives. This allows one to have fresh food for the guests, which is an important part of any event.

Things to do and see

Weddings – Image by rmt from Pixabay

It is not often that guests are able to turn a wedding visit into a vacation but that is exactly what the guests can do when they visit the Maldives.