Weddings in June

Southeast Asia is a region of great rituals and festivities celebrated by hundreds of devout followers and patriotic populace. Sprawling across most of the world’s landmass, snow-capped mountains ascend into grassy dry-lands, gently seeping into moist grounds of tropical wetland. The dynamic variety is immense and awe-inspiring to any international visitor. With a population of more than 200 million people, the Republic of Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country and is home to the majority of the world’s Muslim followers. Flanking other homelands of Singapore, Malaysia and Australia among a few more, Indonesia is recognized as a founding member of the ASEAN.

Of its many islands that also stand within the national boundaries located between Java and Lombok, sprawls Bali, the most renowned retreat for peaceful holiday destinations, leisure travel, honeymoons and as of late, is the selected locality where reality meets dreams – weddings. The island’s inhabitants are Hindu by majority, enjoying peaceful lifestyles blended in traditional and vibrant rituals. It is the most popular and largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its exotic arts and theatre performances that never cease to amaze the wandering tourist. Authentic sculptures, beautiful paintings and rhythmic melodies create the perfect atmosphere for two individuals convert distant dreams to mesmerizing reality.
Bali offers a range of selected wedding planning options, whether it be an extended family celebration or a quiet private moment, Bali introduces highly experienced professionals who will guide you through the planning, matching your budget to your dreams. Traditional Balinese dance performances, gourmet feasts and exotic cocktails may be just some of your very own personalized services, exclusively catered to suit your needs.

Traditional wedding in Bali are also organized in many elite hotels and resorts that are scattered around the ideal, presenting to you the ultimate vistas of elegant horizons and stunning sunsets. Among the selected Bali luxury villas, bringing together flair and eloquence together with sprawling lawns and romantic sunsets, set to the hushed tones of the deepest oceans, the island marks a refreshing setting for new promises for your brand new beginning. Alila Villas Uluwatu offers its cliff-side villa or the cabana by the pool and its other mysterious venues, succulent cuisine and a memorable reception, distinctly making it your ultimate experience.