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Underwater Wedding in Maldives

Take your wedding plans to new heights by setting off to the tropical archipelago. Make the biggest day of your life an exotic encounter as you exchange vows in fairy-tale settings across the ocean.

The Cleanest Clearest Ocean for your Wedding

This is definitely one of the most exotic destinations in the tropics; planning an underwater wedding in the Indian Ocean surrounding the archipelago means the pictures are very clear and you can easily make out the hand signals asking you to exchange vows and take the first kiss. Many luxury resorts Maldives is home to offer facilities for an underwater wedding.

The Guests are the Most Exotic you can find

So you dive below the waves for a magical ceremony in the ocean and above the surface family and friends gather in anticipation for the first emergence of the happy couple. But best of all you will not be without an audience in the ocean depths; turtles, stingrays, happy dolphins and curious sharks will make up the additional guest list.

Party on the Beach

Emerge from the sea and get into a vibrant sunset celebration right on the beach; the best place to celebrate your union. Enjoy sunset cocktails, a fine spread of tropical delights and good cheer to last a lifetime.

Say ‘I Do’ in the Ocean Depths without Getting Wet

An underwater wedding in the Maldives does not always mean getting into a wetsuit and diving into the ocean; instead, it entails wearing the prettiest dress you can find, inviting a bevvy of guests and looking forward to a gourmet meal. Look forward to all this at places like Subsix; located 500 metres off shore as part of the PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives; sitting 6 metres below the waves. Many of these chic eateries are fitted with glass panelled walls while Italian chandeliers add an iridescent glow to the entire place. Moray eels, giant grouper and other tropical marine life will be part of the ceremony as you celebrate in style with champagne.

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