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Tips to having a good ‘Earlymoon’ – The latest in travel trends

Embarking on an earlymoon is akin to savoring the appetizer before the main course of your wedding. It’s a prelude to the grand celebration, a moment to bask in each other’s company before the whirlwind of wedding planning takes over. Whether you opt for a secluded beach retreat, a bustling city escape, or an adventurous mountain getaway, careful planning can elevate this pre-wedding escapade into a truly memorable experience.

Choose the right destination

The Maldives and Tuscany hold universal appeal for their undeniable beauty, yet there’s an added magic in selecting a destination that resonates with your unique narrative. Such places as the province of Shinagawa in Tokyo is also unusual, but no less beautiful – consider choosing Shinagawa accommodation like the Oakwood Residence Shinagawa Tokyo.

Capture the right moments

In the realm of memories, does an event truly exist if it’s not captured on film? Weddings are an occasion to fully indulge in the art of photography and videography, for they serve as timeless relics of cherished moments – it’s important to seek more than just conventional images; look for a backdrop that echoes the very essence of your love story.

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Dream a little big​​​​​​​

Why not set your sights high when envisioning your earlymoon? Japan and its bustling capital, Tokyo, emerge as top contenders for those craving an unforgettable experience. With its blend of tradition and modernity, Tokyo offers a vibrant backdrop for couples seeking privacy amidst the bustling cityscape.

Really consider what you want for you

Perfection varies from person to person, underscoring the importance of identifying what holds the most significance for each couple. Are you seeking spiritual rejuvenation or an exhilarating adventure? This consideration guides the choice between a serene mountain retreat or a fast-paced stroll through bustling streets.