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The Ultimate Sri Lanka Honeymoon Guide


Navigate the path to the perfect honeymoon with this guide. From cultural escapades to serene beaches, make your Sri Lankan honeymoon an experience to remember.

Relax on Mirissa’s Golden Shores

Head south to Mirissa for a taste of tropical tranquility. Sink your toes into the golden sands of Mirissa Beach, renowned for its picturesque sunsets. Whether lounging in a beachside cabana or exploring the vibrant marine life through whale watching, Mirissa offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Adventure Amidst Tea Plantations in Ella

Escape to Ella’s lush landscapes and tea plantations for a romantic retreat. Hike to Ella Rock for panoramic views, wander through the tea estates, and unwind in charming homestays. Ella provides a serene escape amidst nature’s beauty.

Explore Cultural Riches in Kandy

Begin your journey in Kandy, where cultural treasures unfold. Visit the Temple of the Tooth, an iconic site housing a sacred relic of Buddha. Take a stroll around Kandy Lake, located approximately an hour’s drive from Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy, and witness the city’s charm, blending history with modern allure. After a long day exploring this town, retire to a honeymoon hotel in Kandy for some blissful rejuvenation.

Sunset Romance in Galle Fort

Galle Fort
Galle Fort – Photo by Matthijs Idema on Unsplash

Conclude your honeymoon in the historic Galle Fort. Walk hand in hand along the cobblestone streets lined with Dutch colonial architecture. As the sun dips below the horizon, find a cozy spot on the fort walls for a romantic sunset, marking the end of your ultimate Sri Lankan honeymoon.