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Romantic River Safari in Bentota

Bentota, located in the south west coast of Sri Lanka is flanked by the Indian Ocean and the river Bentara forming a lagoon at the latter section of the river. This strategic location offers a wide array of fun activities for a splendid holiday in Sri Lanka. However, one of the most outstanding things to do in Sri Lanka to experience romance would be a romantic river safari along the river Bentara. Such a journey can be scheduled by inquiring from Sri Lanka Holiday Travel on what the best time is to go on such a safari.

This would be a perfect opportunity for the love birds to relax and enjoy the teeming wild life in action while cruising along the river. You’d be amazed to witness treacherous creatures like monitor lizards and malignant crocodiles that would make you hold your partner’s hand so tight. Moreover, safari along river Bentara would permit you to watch birds of prey in action as watching a wild life channel on live telecast.

Every couple that cruises along this beautiful river is promised to observe and explore some of the finest mangroves lying on its river banks. Furthermore, the lily clad islands, the occasional sand digger boats, hand pulled ferries and the hues of morning sunshine are bound to mesmerize any one with the photographic beauty of nature. You may not notice time pass away in the company of your partner while sipping on the elegance of Mother Nature when you reach the panoramic view of Pahurukande hill. Typically, your journey along the river can be followed by a visit to the famous historic Wanawasala Buddhist Temple or a village hideaway.

Naturally, the sunshine would blaze over you along your journey down this glorious river. However, the passing sea breeze would never allow you to feel the warmth. If you’re lucky, you would be able to get romantically wet in the arms of your lover in one of the occasional passing showers around Bentota area. Thus, enjoy a romantic river safari in Bentota to complete your vacation in Sri Lanka with a touch of enchantment.

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