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Romantic Destination Dining in Maldives

The ultimate romantic destination, the Maldives presents a buffet of romantic dining options to choose from, to create intimate moments that last a lifetime. Some of the best romantic dining options are offered by luxury hotels. Maldives has an abundance of those like PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi Maldives.

One of the most popular experiences would be sunset dining near the beach. You could tuck into a delicious lobster thermidor with your partner while watching the ball of flame-orange that is the sun sink into the mysterious depths of the sea. Ask your server to pair your dish with their best rose champagne or a sparkling wine.

Some restaurants offer you the chance to dine below the sea. Sit at your beautifully decorated table and savour each and every bite of your food while you watch the cerulean waters that surround your dining area flow with vibrant and gleeful life. What better way to celebrate that special bond that you share?

You could also opt to sit at the edge of a jetty with a clear view of the sea below and dine on dishes presented to you with an eye for design as well as an intuition for pleasing flavours.

You could sample raw seafood, freshly caught at a pavilion restaurant overlooking the sea. Listen to the waves lapping against wood and enjoy the subtle taste of slices of raw sea bass, Gohu Ikan in a bed of chili mix and basil leaves or bite into delicious sashimi to savour the elusive romantic flavor of simple and fresh dishes.

For a surreal experience, dine on a table immersed in the infinity pool under the silver stars. You can book your private dining experience and enjoy each other’s company and indulge your taste buds surrounded by water.

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