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Planning a Beach Wedding

With the glorious and diverse landscapes the resplendent isle of Sri Lanka has had the fortune of being blessed with; it is truly a strange phenomenon that many couples prefer ballrooms in wedding hotels in Sri Lanka as opposed to an outdoor soiree. When in Sri Lanka, the options are limitless and with the vast array of backdrops that can be utilised to create stunning photographs as they capture one of the biggest commitments of one’s life, getting married can be a delightful experience devoid of hassle and stress provided you make some smart decisions.

A beach wedding, for instance, is an excellent choice given the panoramic beauty of the coastal belt of the island. However, there are several considerations that should be taken into account. First is selecting the perfect location. While beach weddings can be accommodated in Colombo, the best thing might be to move outside the capital for pristine, well kept beaches. Therefore, taking the transport of guests into consideration, opting for a hotel such as Β in Galle will be a smart choice as it is a mere hour away via the Expressway by car.

A beachside wedding should also take into account the temperature, the weather as well as the tides and therefore, it is best to opt for a morning wedding before the sun becomes unbearably hot when the tide is out so that the waves do not make its way inland too much. One can play with the menu as well and opt for a seafood dominated theme that would complement the background and vibe well while attire should definitely be altered to suit a seaside soiree. A heavy saree or wedding dress will make the ceremony and ensuring celebration rather uncomfortable and far too warm. Therefore, a beach wedding is best for couples who merely wish to celebrate their union with close friends and family and who do not mind small imperfections and can adapt with ease.

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