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Why Phuket is the Ultimate Wedding Destination

A fairytale wedding, complete with horse-driven carriages and glass slippers is simply overrated. Today, the perfect wedding would be held on the resplendent beaches of Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and has grown in popularity among locals and foreigners alike. The aura of the island is “sickly-sweet”, much like love! It is the best place to be eternally bound to the love of your life. There are many Phuket wedding venuesΒ with countless amounts of wedding and honeymoon packages. However, the packages offered at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort are well worth considering. What better way to begin a fresh chapter in your life than to be married on an island!

There are many, many beaches in Phuket, each with their unique characteristics. Some are ‘far from the madding crowd’ while others are set amidst noisy activities. Thus, you can choose the backdrop for your special day. The relaxing and fun nature of a beach wedding should be the most alluring feature of tying the knot in Phuket.

Make your wedding vows on the cottony sand. You can meet a celebrant of your choice and have a private, less expensive ceremony or even discuss your budget with a wedding planner affiliated with a hotel of your preference. A wedding in Phuket could be superbly extravagant or charmingly simple. It is the perfect location to customize your wedding.

A lifetime of love buds during the honeymoon. Phuket is undoubtedly the best place to romance endlessly. As the island if full of distractions, the couple can choose from a wide variety of activities. You can enjoy the night life or plunge beneath the waves and explore the life underwater while also rediscovering each other.

You would feel that you were destined to be together when you get hitched in Phuket.

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