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Maldives; the Perfect Romantic Destination -The Ultimate Destination for Love Birds!

It’s been months and you still haven’t finalised a destination for your honeymoon. How does Maldives sound? Why Maldives? Well here are five reasons why.

Via-Kurumba Maldives

Who doesn’t like a good deal, especially if it includes all the little details that make up for a romantic holiday at a great price! Maldives honeymoon resorts the likes of Kurumba Maldives have specially designed packages that include couple’s spa treatments, meals for two, romantic experiences like candlelit dinners, chocolates on arrival and of course accommodation in a private and glamorous villa!

The Beautiful Beaches

There’s no point in talking about Maldives without mentioning its beautiful beaches that are famous around the world. In addition to the pristine white beaches kissed by turquoise blue waters, Maldives also has a spectacular glow in the dark beach- just imagine having a romantic stroll here!

A Stunning Backdrop

Need to make some unforgettable memories and take some great vacation pics together at the same time? Then Maldives is the perfect answer! Some of these luxury resorts have an onsite photographer who would capture the precious moments of your honeymoon as you meander your way through lush evergreens, cruise in a luxurious yacht at sunset or posing oh so romantically on the beach with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop.

Exciting Adventures

The couples that explore together stay together right? Go under the serene waters of Maldives and discover a whole new world under the waves together. There are plenty of couple’s diving, snorkelling and other water sports tours available in Maldives.

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