Dream Beach Wedding in Sri Lanka Memories made in paradise

Amidst the soft, golden sands and the soothing lull of the waves, declare your eternal love for each other and be bound in holy matrimony for life…Celebrate your love in paradise Sri Lanka. Say your vows in the heavenly beaches the island is famous for…Make your Dream Beach Wedding in Sri Lanka come true…

With amazing beaches all around the island, choosing a destination for your dream wedding in Sri Lanka can be a little bit hard. But, with Citrus Leisure it will be easy to for you to pick, as this leading hospitality brand presents 2 prestigious Sri Lanka resorts that are located in 2 of the island’s most popular beaches, Waskaduwa and Hikkaduwa.

Your dream wedding in Sri Lanka will be most magical if you opt for a traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony as you and your loved one will be a part of a cultural extravaganza! You will be led to the Poruwa (a beautifully decorated, traditional wooden platform) by dancers and drummers dressed in elaborate costumes. Then the Kapuwa or a local priest or minister will officiate the ceremony in a series of rituals that includes presenting betel leaves to the couple and reciting chants.

A traditional Sri Lankan wedding is not complete without the traditional attire. The bride will be adorned in the beautiful Osariya, a white saree with a very exclusive drape and ruffle and decorated with jewellery set that includes several pieces of gold jewellery. The groom meanwhile, gets to wear the majestic Nilame costume which is a costume worn by noble men in ancient times.

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