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Destination Weddings in Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is soon becoming one of the most popular island destinations in the world. The island’s pristine beaches, sprawling rainforests, rich history and vibrant culture make it a prime destination for people of all kinds, since the small island has something in store for everyone. People having been awed by the splendour of the island, even choose to have the island serve as the location for their big day, and have their weddings take place there.

There are various different ways a wedding ceremony can take place on the island, and the most popular way, is through one of the many extravagant Sri Lanka hotels such as Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts. This is a popular option due to maximum indulgence and minimum inconvenience.

Another very popular incarnation of the ceremony in Sri Lanka is the ever-popular beach wedding. This can also be done through a resort, or through the use of a wedding planner. There are many suitable beaches scattered around the island to choose from, with the most suitable ones being situated on the Western edge of the island where the waters are shallow and the currents are close to non-existent.

One can also choose to have the wedding at a famed historical site from the many such sites that the island has to offer. The most popular choice is the grounds beneath the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, which is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. The exchange of marriage vows in the midst of this historical site surrounded by dense jungle creates a unique sense of grandeur that definitely adds to a memorable wedding.

With a universe of options yet to even mention, the island of Sri Lanka is a place surely worth considering if you’re planning an unforgettable wedding.

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