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Couple’s Holiday in Maldives

Planning a couple’s getaway and looking for that one of a kind destination to sweep that special someone off their feet? Of course, ideally, you would want to find a place that offers backdrops that lend itself to romantic seclusion where you can have intimate candlelight dinners, walks by the sea amidst magical sunsets and even plan the ultimate proposal surprise. Well, one place where you can enjoy such a love-filled escape would definitely be the tropical paradise known as the Maldives.

With a wide range of island resorts to choose from where you can enjoy everything from a couple’s retreat to a beach wedding, Maldives has become one of the most popular romantic destinations in the world. One of the great highlights here is the accommodation options available, be it a private bungalow by the beach or a luxurious water villa right above the ocean, perfect for island intimacy. Resorts such as Maafushivaru Maldives even have special couple’s spa treatment facilities where you can enjoy some revitalising rejuvenation together.

If you and your partner are an active couple there is plenty of adventure to be experienced as well. Water sports abound in this corner of paradise from snorkelling to diving, letting you discover the wonders of the deep. There are romantic things to do above the water too. You can ask your resort to organise a special sunset cruise be it on a modern yacht or traditional boat known as a dhoni; set off into the sunset gazing at the spectacular sight unfolding in the horizon, sharing canapés and champagne and enjoying being lost in the moment or each other’s eyes.

Back on shore, as the stars come out to play and light up the sky above, surprise your partner with a special dinner by the beach. As the waves serenade you with their unique songs of the sea, take time to enjoy each other’s company and plan the many exciting adventures in store, as you continue to write your love story together.

Renewal Of Vows, Romantic Beach Wedding
Renewal Of Vows, Romantic Beach Wedding; Img.Src:[Maafushivaru Maldives]
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