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Celebrate Your Special Day in Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the most visited holiday destinations of the world. From luxurious resorts, to stunning sceneries, exotic food, and world class shopping centres, Malaysia’s got everything necessary for your fantasy tropical wedding. Most holiday resorts in Malaysia such as AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort provide wedding planning packages, so where ever you want to get married; a wedding hotel in Sepang , Kuala Lumpur or any other city in Malaysia, all you have to do is give instructions and simply show up.

However, the legal processes of marriage in Malaysia as a foreigner are quite peculiar. The following key factors should be kept in mind and followed;

Firstly, it is necessary to obtain a ‘Single status declaration’ from your embassy, for both you and your fiancΓ© individually. If document is not originally provided in English or Malay, the next step is to get it translated by the commissioner of Oath in Malaysia (widely available around the country) unless your embassy is willing to do it for you.
After the two single status declarations are final, you are required to take it along with a copy of each of your birth certificates to the notarial service counter at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Malaysia in Putrajaya.

Next you have get your hands on the National Registration Department (NRD) document; JPN.KC02, you may seek assistance from the department to get it soon.

It is mandatory that foreigners reside in the marriage district for at least 7 days before applying for registration under the NRD.

Now all that is left for you to do is to register the marriage, this is done by any branch of the NRD dispersed around the country. You are required to take with you, the single status declaration documents, copies of birth certificates, the original passport, copies of the important pages (such as the page of the arrival date stamp together with a copy of the card of departure and the personal information page), the JPN.KC02 document together with one colour photograph measuring 32mm x 38mm taken in front of a blue screen for both of you.

The date your actual marriage is usually about three weeks away from the date of the registration and the registration fees; RM30 should be settled on the date of your marriage, not the registration. It is also important that you prepare two witnesses above the age of 21 to appear at your marriage ceremony with their original passports.

The parties getting married are required to bring the along their original passports together with the form produced after registration at the NRD. The dress code for your marriage is also strict in Maldives. Casual clothing is usually not permitted especially jeans and t- shirts.

On the actual day of your marriage, punctuality is key as the marriage counter at NRD will be closed, so arrive before that as it is first-in first served basis or you will be required to reschedule. The marriage certificate will be handed over on this day, endorse it with the MFA and marriage can be registered back home as well.

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