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Tucked away along the West Coast of Sri Lanka, Negombo is an idyllic seaside city that is a perfect place to spend a honeymoon. Couples in search of budget accommodation Sri Lanka has to offer in the area can consider Hotel J. This budget hotel in Sri Lanka provides an ideal base from which to enjoy the very best Negombo has to offer.

Well suited for beach weddings too, Negombo provides couples with an intimate getaway in which to start their life as newlyweds. The soft sandy shores provide an ideal backdrop in which to laze in the sun while you plan your future together. More active couples can even take part in the many water sports on offer such as kite-surfing and diving. As the day draws to a close, you and that special someone can enjoy a romantic stroll on the beach as the setting sun paints the sky in vivid hues. Cap off the day by having an intimate dinner on the shore as the stars come out to play above and gentle breezes surround you both.

Romance is always in the air in the Maldives; the island offers the perfect setting for a honeymoon and even a wedding. If you are thinking of saying ‘I do’ why not do it in style under a starlit canopy. The weather conditions in Maldives are perfect for a wedding ceremony, the view of the beach is spectacular and your guests will simply love digging their toes into the sand while they watch you walk down the aisle. You do not have to worry about the logistics of organizing your wedding ceremony because most of the hotels have package deals for such occasions.

Package deals include hair and makeup artists, a wedding photo shoot done by a professional photographer, floral decorations, champagne and wedding cake. Sometimes they throw in a couple of extras like a candlelit dinner after the ceremony and breakfast for the couple in a beach villa. All you have to do is send out the invitations and ask your guests to come over to Maldives.

Couples have the option of getting a wedding planner which is a burden off their shoulders. The planner will get in touch with all the service providers and ensure that everything goes according to schedule. The difference in having a wedding in Maldives is that you can include some of the local rituals for your ceremony. The ‘Bodu Katheeb’ or island chief can act as your efficient and perform traditional Maldivian rituals. A Maldivian drum performance is also a great addition if you want that traditional local feeling.

The best time for a wedding is in the evening because the air is much cooler. The most romantic ceremonies are the ones that begin just before the sun sets. Most often a Maldives resort will arrange for a few local practices to be included in your event. For instance, some hotels offer a coconut tree planting ceremony to celebrate the love between the couple. Maldives luxury resorts have their own private beach area making it an ideal location for a beach ceremony. Cocoa Island Maldives can be recommended as an ideal place to tie the knot and begin your new adventures together in this tropical island paradise.

Looking to combine your honeymoon with a trip to an island paradise where exotic adventures await? Then definitely put Bali on your list when planning your honeymoon! Couples in search of a luxury resort Bali in which to celebrate this exciting new chapter in their lives can consider The Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua Bali. This luxurious Nusa Dua resort also offers idyllic wedding venues including a charming beachfront setting.

Bali’s beaches offer secluded coastal getaways in which to spend lazy days in the sun or romantic evening strolls at sunset. Couples can also look forward to moonlit dinners along the shores or even indulge in spa therapy which helps you truly unwind. Nature lovers looking for some outdoor fun on their honeymoon can trek or cycle along the countryside amidst lush green paddy fields, stunning mountains and rustic villages. You can also look to visit some of the island’s ancient temples and witness age old rituals and customs that let one get a true sense of the local culture. A honeymoon in Bali can be as adventurous or as relaxed as one wants it to be and provides couples with an unforgettable start to their wedded life.

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Imagine dining out under the stars amidst an enchanting desert landscape, enjoying a leisurely stroll along rugged beaches or indulging in the very best of spa therapies. These are just some the things that await couples on a honeymooning in Abu Dhabi! A good option would be to stay at Abu Dhabi beach hotels that provide that idyllic getaway by the sea. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is such an Abu Dhabi resort and is uniquely located on Sir Bani Yas Island which offers an island sanctuary in which to begin your new life together.

Honeymooning in Abu Dhabi can be as relaxing or as exciting as you want it to be. Spend your days enjoying spa treatments for couples or lazing on the beach, soaking up the sun and watching the world go slowly by. Those looking for a bit more adventure can try such activities as mountain biking and kayaking which let you witness the stunning natural beauty that the region is known for. For an unforgettable experience one can take a scenic hot-air balloon ride, while evenings can be spent having a romantic meal at a fine dining restaurant, as you sample delectable local dishes. Discover an oasis in the desert as you celebrate your love.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


A romantic getaway with the love of your life to the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean would give you a much-desired head start on your new life together and of course, a much relaxing vacation after all the preparation that went into your dream wedding. Search no more for your place in the sun; the Caribbean has it all. Slews of duty free shops, pristine private beaches, mouthwatering star-class cuisine, hip-swaying reggae music, a skinny-dip in the ocean and much more awaits you at this sophisticated and chic romantic destination.

Antigua, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, and the Cayman Islands are just a couple of the most preferred places of honeymooners. If you are after an unpretentious holiday experience, then Grenada is the place to be. This spice island is for the outdoor loving couples who would want to make their honeymoon truly a memorable one. If you are after a colonial Caribbean experience, then Barbados is the place to be. Having retained its British elegance, sumptuous afternoon tea, vibrant garden parties, sporting rounds of cricket, and an intimately romantic walk down Bathsheba Beach are a few things in store for you and your sweetie.

If exploring the exotic local culture appeals to you then the Cayman Islands is for you. Surrounded by breathtakingly pristine beaches and crystal-clear turquoise blue waters, it is a diving hot spot and with the hospitable nature of the locals you will soon feel at home. What would the Caribbean be without Jamaica? Welcome to the birth place of reggae and if you and your partner are fans of Bob Marley, make your honeymoon an exceptional experience by opting to travel in January. The jazz and blues festival at Montego Bay is a festival not to be missed.

These breath-taking isles famously dubbed ‘Beautiful by Nature ‘draws thousands of tourists each year. Make your honeymoon an exceptional romantic experience by choosing to spoil and pamper yourselves at Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos. The elegantly furnished rooms and villas add a spark of glitz to your indulgence at one of the best ranked Turks and Caicos luxury resorts. Heart-warming hospitality coupled with soothing interiors and an authentic Caribbean ambience are few of the luxuries you could look forward to when you opt to honeymoon at this elegant Turks and Caicos beach resort.

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For the adventurous couple, Kalpitiya is a wonderful place to spend their honeymoon as this town is packed to the rafters with exciting activities and places to see and it keeps getting better with the implementation of the tourism promotion proposal of the Sri Lanka Tourism Board.
Kalpitiya benefits greatly from its natural location as it is a peninsular that serves to shelter the Puttalam lagoon from the ocean. Being such a peninsular, Kalpitiya is home to an amazing underwater wonderland. Honeymooners can opt to enjoy these marine wonders in different ways. For those who wish to simply see the coastal plains, the sandy beaches and the saltpans, they can opt to hire a boat and tour the area while the more adventurous can choose to scuba dive and explore the beautiful reefs that protect the coast from the harsh currents of the Indian Ocean. This marine sanctuary also attracts large populations of dolphins and whales and if it is the right time of the year, the coastline is peppered with dolphins, an experience that is sure to make your honeymoon all the more memorable. Begin your married life by exploring the wonders beneath the calm blue surface of the ocean with a glass bottomed boat that will allow you to enjoy its beauty without ever having to get into the ocean.
Newly married couples can also opt to see sea turtles and perhaps even release a couple of newly hatched turtles into the ocean, try their hand at lobster capturing and even see the collection of sea cucumbers. The flora and fauna of this area is diverse and varied and proves to be a unique collection indeed. Other activities that tourists can indulge in include visiting islands in the Dutch and Portugal Bay, visiting the Bar Reef Marine sanctuary and exploring the historical monuments in the area.
As the tourism industry in the area is still beginning to take off, Sri Lanka Beach Resorts in Kalpitiya tend to be scarce. When visiting this town, especially on one’s honeymoon, Kalpitiya Hotels that comes highly recommended due to its location and excellent service is Palagama Beach Kalpitiya.

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Bali, a tropical paradise island of Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the most romantic getaways for honeymooners. It is a province in beautiful Indonesia that is rich in ethnicity and sceneries. Bali is a much talked-about hotspot among tourists as an exotic escapade which offers incomparable holiday experiences. With gorgeous sun-kissed beaches and its perfect blend of intimate atmosphere and tropical idyll, you will find Bali to be the just right place for your romantic getaway. A pristine beach with gorgeous seashore and mesmerizing vistas of the picturesque ocean are few of the main ingredients of a perfect honeymoon. Well, Bali offers it all. This enchanting isle with its interesting culture will make your special vacation even more memorable.

The sea, sun and the sand is not all that Bali offers to paint your honeymoon a vibrant palate of experiences. Bali provides a wide array of choices for you to choose starting from exploring ancient temples to picturesque strolls near mountain lakes and volcanoes. You could also witness amazing and truly one-of-a-kind cultural festivals with your beloved and be captivated by the Balinese traditions unfolding in splendour around you. Or else you could simply embrace yourself to the peace and serenity of Bali and spend hours pampering yourself in ultimate comfort. While you relax the time away with your partner, do not forget to take a plunge into the warm waters of Bali and discover the vibrant underwater delights they have in store for you.
The quality of your honeymoon will partly depend on the resort you will choose. So make sure you make the right decision. Accommodation options in Bali are ample in offer, from luxury hotels Indonesia to elegant resorts and spas that are some of the best ranked Indonesia 5 star hotels on offer. Your honeymoon is one of the most special life events in your life so don’t hesitate to spend money on a breathtaking one. Out of all the wide arrays of options a good choice would be the Starwood Indonesia which offers unbelievable amenities and services. This luxurious hotel offers excellent accommodation exclusively designed for couples. So head over to Bali and pamper yourself in absolute comfort.


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That once in a lifetime moment when you say ‘I Do’, it has to be only at the most extraordinary and unique venue. The memories last a lifetime and the photographs and videos live on for generations to relate a tale of true love; thus the setting has to be perfect and the proceedings have to be flawless. The Balinese beach of Nusa Dua where one finds exotic romancing and intimacy is a fitting location for the purpose.

The Nusa Dua Beach is a graceful stretch of powdery sand that looks heavenly and inviting; the ocean is tranquil, gorgeously azure and provides rhythmic lulls to the atmosphere. The platform on which you exchange vows can either be placed on this golden and pure sand or on a patch of jade green grass at the border of the beach, either way the sea will be the backdrop of all the photographs and each time you turn to look at your better half, the sea waves will gush from behind you.

The Indonesians have their own style of marriage ceremonies so expect a bit of a local twist which provides a refreshing deviation from the traditional ceremonies that people are accustomed to. The wedding registrar will appear on site along with a bandwagon of other professionals who will make sure your fairytale ending is achieved. The musicians will play tunes that are familiar to you and your merry making guests are likely to echo them soon, but everyone will have an opportunity to discover the Indonesian vibes when they play something that is really from Bali. Local children will attend in their own traditional costumes to add colour to your celebrations and if you so wish to, one may even choose to have a few of them as your flower girls or page boys.

Let your dream wedding come alive at a Nusa Dua resort where the locals are waiting to be a part of your special day and give you a luxury resort Bali experience like no other. Honeymoon getaways, such as Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua Bali is an idyllic venue for your ceremonial proceedings as well.


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Maldives has always been renowned as the top destination for honeymoon travellers and for romantic getaways. This reputation has certainly been aided and abetted by the peaceful tranquillity that the serene blue green waters and sun kissed white sands of the islands offer.

Made up of an archipelago of over 1,000 islands, half of which are as yet uninhabited, the Maldives is mainly a resort nation. Most resorts occupy an entire island or two and also extend into the clear blue water.

The idyllic surroundings are sure to soothe and calm you, allowing for a relaxing and romantic holiday free from the hustle and bustle of the city. The waters surrounding the islands too are teeming with a rich diversity of sea creatures, corals, wrecks and other intriguing aspects. A chance to catch sight of a school of dolphins or whales is an added attraction when visiting here.

Visitors enjoying a romantic getaway can opt to laze out on the beaches soaking up the sun, cooled by the wind from the swaying palm trees and sipping a refreshing drink or practice yoga with the calming and soothing sounds of crashing waves enveloping you. One can also enjoy a relaxing massage that will calm and rejuvenate, or go out on an expedition exploring the waters by scuba diving, snorkelling, diving or if you are more adventurous, paragliding, surfing or waterskiing.

Whatever relaxation and romantic activity you choose, you can be guaranteed that you will have a wonderful and enjoyable time in the Maldives. For those who wish to take something of the islands back home, there are many curio shops especially in the capital – Male – from which cultural items of interest can be purchased.

For those wondering which one of the Maldives resorts to opt for, choose wisely and think carefully as to what exactly you want from this Maldivian holiday. Maldives spa resorts are sure to be the best bet for those on an intimate holiday as there is nothing that sets the mood better for a romantic evening than a luxurious spa treatment. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is such a luxurious spa resort that would be ideal for couples.


Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Dreaming of that perfect beach wedding serenaded by the perfumed sea breeze on the backdrop of the turquoise seas beautifully contrasting with the whiteness of the powdery sands? Then Bentota is the place for you. There are many Sri Lanka boutique hotels located along this alluring beach strip and a recommended luxury hotel Sri Lanka has to offer would be Saman Villas Bentota known for its fine melange of elegance and style. Let the wide open blue skies be your witness as you make your vows to one another. Whether it be a traditional Sinhalese wedding adorned with elaborately dressed Kandyan dancers, colourful rites performed ceremoniously or a simple intimate wedding for two, Bentota is the ideal place that will add that extra touch of romance to your important day. Feel the soft sands beneath your feet and the warmth of the coast as you take your first steps together as man and wife along a sun-kissed beach.

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