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From the wee hours of the morning that see fishermen engaged in their livelihoods to evenings that provide ample opportunity for boat rides, Veli Lagoon is an area bursting with activity. If you are holidaying in Kerala, then head over to the lagoon nestled in the tiny village of Veli. Choose a Kerala resort from where you can plan a day’s trip. Poovar Island Resort which is a 3 star hotel in Kerala will be a good option to stay at.

The lagoon serves as a breath of fresh air for those in Kerala as it is a popular destination for kayaking and swimming. Connected to the Arabian Sea by a narrow sandbar, Veli Lagoon is best enjoyed by hopping on board a power boat or pedal boat. After a cruise escape to the floating restaurant where you can treat your taste buds to a selection of local cuisine.

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Everyone has heard of Phuket, probably Thailand’s most popular tourist destination, but few have heard of Krabi. Located on the country’s western coast and fronting the warm waters of the Andaman Sea, the Krabi Province is renowned for its beaches and a myriad of attractions. Less crowded than Phuket, while still offering a great experience, Krabi is the ideal vacation spot for couples. The province has many interesting attractions that couples will enjoy visiting, as well as many fun activities to do together.

When it comes to sightseeing, ‘must visit’ attractions include the province’s hugely popular hot springs. The hot springs are situated in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, and taking a quick dip in them is bound to be an experience to remember. One can also visit a few of the night markets found around the province. These places sell a variety of goods and souvenirs, all at inexpensive rates, provided one bargains a little. Other popular attractions to visit include the Phi Phi Islands, Ko Lanta, Ao Nang and Railey Beach.

Krabi also offers a long list of things to do for both the adventurous and not-very-adventurous couples. Those looking for a pleasant time can try snorkelling or scuba diving to explore the rich marine life present in the waters off Krabi. They can also go canoeing or kayaking, hike along gorgeous forest trails or go on an elephant safari. Those who want to do something a bit more exciting can try rock climbing or cliff diving. Couples can also go for spa treatments together, which can help them feel well rested and relaxed. Such treatments can help foster feelings of peace and tranquillity that can bring couples closer. Couples can also get married by the sea in a traditional Thai ceremony, while those already married can choose to renew their wows.

A few Krabi resorts, such as the Anantara Si Kao Thailand offer many of the above facilities. In fact, at this particular Trang Resort couples can even wed underwater. The ceremony is performed in the lively, indescribably beautiful waters of the Andaman. For couples looking for a great hotel to spend their vacation, this presents an ideal choice.

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The imposing Richmond Castle located in the town of Kalutara is a splendid mansion which is considered to be one of the finest such edifices in the nation of Sri Lanka. Constructed in 1896 this magnificent creation is reputed to be one of the most handsome architectural designs of the period. It was originally the residence of a local governor and landowner, Mudaliyar N. D. A. Silva Wijesinghe who was the possessor of vast wealth. It also functioned as a circuit bungalow for senior officers of the colonial British administration. Today the mansion is a popular visitor attraction as well as an educational institution for underprivileged children of the locality.

Richmond Castle is a grand two storey edifice with no less than 34 windows and 99 doors, adorned with exquisitely crafted glass panes with a design motif of spreading grape vines. According to records two entire shiploads of teak wood were brought over from Burma for the construction of the building.

The entire mansion is characterized by ornate carvings and features Scottish and Italian mirrors and glass windows. It includes everything required for a luxurious lifestyle at the time, including a lavish dancing floor, rooms for guards and workers and a stable.

Many observers have remarked that the building resembles a British mansion more than a stately Sri Lankan home. Even today the timber seems to be perfectly preserved, apparently as fresh as when it was brought to the nation.

The gardens are another thing of beauty at the site, having once boasted a thriving profusion of blooms. Today the gardens are still beautiful, but now feature a host of productive trees such as mangosteen, coconut, rambutan, mango, guava and a number of citrus varieties. The Mudaliyar was a nature lover and painstakingly cultivated his garden, decorating it with numerous marble statues. Of these a number of marble figures still stand.

With so much to see and admire the visitor is sure to be enthralled by this resplendent edifice, which depicts the splendid lifestyle of Sri Lankan mudaliyars in times past.

Visitors to the area desiring a Kalutara hotel will find an outstanding choice in the Mermaid Hotel & Club. This attractive Sri Lanka beach hotel offers quality accommodations and courteous service.


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Known the world over for its famous beach parties, the island of Koh Phangan also offers an intimate escape for couples. If you are on the lookout for luxurious Koh Phangan resorts from where you can enjoy a romantic getaway then consider Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa. One of the leading Koh Phangan hotels, this well placed property features elegant villas near the shore and gives you the chance to have an enchanting beach wedding as well.

Blessed with white sandy beaches, idyllic coastal landscapes and magical sunsets, Koh Phangan is the ideal destination for you and that special someone to celebrate your love. Well suited for honeymoons too, the island offers much more than a laidback setting. Snorkelling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by couples as they discover the colourful underwater world that surrounds the island, while those looking for more adventure can set off on diving excursions together to such sites as the Angthong National Marine Park. Nature lovers will find plenty of tropical forests on the island to explore and for something truly unique one can even opt for an elephant trekking safari. End the day by witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the setting sun, followed by a romantic dinner on the beach as you look back on the memorable day that was.

From pristine beaches to tropical forests and ancient temples to magical sunsets, the island of Bali is the perfect getaway for an enchanting honeymoon. Couples looking for a boutique hotel Bali has to offer from which to spend their honeymoon can consider L Hotel Seminyak. This Bali luxury hotel provides an idyllic escape where you can experience some personal pampering when on holiday.

There is much to see and do when in Bali on your honeymoon. If you prefer a laidback vacation, the island’s coasts has plenty of sun kissed beaches where you can just lie back and bask in the glorious sunshine. Water sports such as snorkelling and diving are also on hand, while couples who love the outdoors can take part in trekking, biking and horseback riding. The ancient temples of Bali offer a unique insight into the rich cultural heritage of the island and let you discover just how exotic this paradise really is. With fine dining options, spas and shopping available as well, Bali is truly a perfect destination for your honeymoon.

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The idyllic region of Kalutara on the southern Sri Lankan coast is the perfect place for a weekend of week-long getaway. Home to some interesting cultural locations and of course, ultra-pristine beaches, this unique stretch of tropical sand will provide an unforgettable vacation experience for everyone who visits. Of all beach hotels Sri Lanka has to offer its visitors, the selection of Kalutara hotels are infused with a charm all their own. You might consider checking into The Sands as it offers prime accommodation on the beach, with fun activities galore to entertain the entire family for hours on end, such as Crab Racing, and the chance to witness Coin Makers and Gem Cutters honing their craft. Close to Kalutara Beach is one of the most famous archeological sites in Asia: the Pahiyan-gala (Fa-Hiengala) Caves, which are considered to be the world’s oldest example of pre-historic life in Asia, as it has recorded artefacts and humanoid skulls dating back almost 37,000 years. A massive cave structure that can accommodate up to 3,000 people at one time, it claims the title of the largest natural rock in Asia, with an intricate network of tunnels running deep into the interior of the mountain. Pahiyan-gala is the name given to the humanoid species that inhabited the caves 37,000 years prior, and the location is also a significant Buddhist landmark, as a Chinese monk named Fa Hien was also an inhabitant of the cave in the fifth century. Modern visitors who visit the caves will now discover that it has been converted into a unique Buddhist temple, infused with a special aura of tranquility given its location in the cave. Affording an ideal spot for some meditation as you breathe in almost 40,000 years of history, the Pahiyangala (Fa-Hiengala) Caves are a must-visit item on your cultural itinerary in Sri Lanka.

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Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and it is home to a unique brand of culture branded by European and local influences. The city offers an excellent range of Manila apartments that will provide the ideal base from which you can explore the wonders dotting the cityscape.  The Somerset Olympia Makati is one ideal choice for serviced accommodation Manila offers to all its visitors, so take a peek at its luxury interiors for a true taste of what awaits! Manila is a bastion of the Catholic faith, due to the prominent presence of the Portuguese during a significant portion of the country’s history. It boasts some beautiful Catholic churches that afford oases of calm and tranquillity amidst the hustle of the world outside the church walls. Of particular worth in the iconic Makati area is the Greenbelt Chapel, boasting a beautiful dome incorporating the classical cathedral architectural styles of Roman churches. This magnificent testament to the Catholic faith sits atop the beautiful emerald manicured lawns of the Greenbelt area located in the lush surroundings of the Makati district in Manila. It is also just a stone’s throw away from the Greenbelt Mall, which dedicates one of its floors entirely to supporting local Filipino artisans and businesses. The ambiance of the area is permeated with the Holy Spirit and mass is observed three times daily at the chapel. If you are looking for a welcome mix of tranquillity and quality artisan offerings, the Greenbelt area is worth exploring to enhance your time in the Makati area.


Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and intends to visit them all someday.


Thailand is not only well known for its amazing shopping experience, its exotic surroundings and breathtaking cultural connections, it is also widely recognised as a location for health care which attracts over a million tourists a year seeking health care. Medical tourism is projected to earn the country more than 50 billion Baht a year and is a major source of foreign income to the country.

From cosmetic treatment, cardiac treatment, orthopedic treatment to organ transplants there is a long list of treatment offered in Thailand. Along with spas and therapeutic centers, the hospitals here are well geared to offer a wide variety of treatment. Apart from the comfort and well developed facilities, Thailand is also known as an affordable venue for these treatments.

Equipped with four well established international private hospitals, Koh Samui in Thailand is well geared to offer the best medical care in Thailand. The beautiful surroundings of this gorgeous village like atmosphere are sure to heal the body and mind much faster after medical treatment of any kind. Apart from these fringe medical treatments, there are several beauty treatments. Most of these establishments have an around the clock emergency center and offer a good range of procedures to the western world at a fraction of the cost.

While you are receiving treatment at local hospitals and enjoying the balmy breeze that has a heeling touch to it, stay at a Samui Resort that is perfect to spend a few lazy days. Anantara Bophut Koh Samui is a gorgeous Samui Hotel that offers the best of hospitality in the area. The beauty of Koh Samui is best enjoyed while staying at an authentic resort such as Anantara. The well-appointed rooms of this resort lets you sit back and celebrate the good times and good health while they pamper you with the best known hospitality in the world.

Moreover whether you travel to Thailand for the gift of good health, beauty or enjoyment this vibrant country will not let you down. Surrounded by natural beauty and fascinating man made wonders, you will never have a moment of boredom.


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Discovered by Royalty who has maintained a passion for this ‘Royal Getaway’ in to the snug embrace of the solitary coastal stretch, Hua Hin has soon found itself playing the role of what nature obviously intended it to be – one of the best Honeymoon destinations in all Thailand.

This sleepy fishing village located on the sunrise side of the Gulf of Thailand was discovered by King Rama vii nearly a century ago and it did not take him long to make it his summer vacation place which led it to the place being followed by a train of royalty who clearly saw what all visitors to Hua Hin feels, a sense of dreamy reclusive ambience that inspires and is inspired by softer emotions, delicate expressions and timeless memories.

The spectacular beach of Hua Hin though seemingly stretches into endlessness is actually a 5 kilometre coastal area between a rocky headland and southern end that is a cliff which is graced with ancient Buddhist temples. The beach itself has in addition maintained quiet a demeanour, and a reputation for safety in contrast to other popular Thai beaches that is possibly due to the constant surveillance and presence of police and royal guards who are there for the occasional presence of royalty at his mansion.

In this heavenly surroundings that seems to have carved itself out of all boundaries of worldly constraints, time itself seems to stand still as one gazes into the spectacular beach at sunrise or sunset or better still soak up the sun at mid afternoon while sipping a refreshing fruit cocktail or snuggling up together to enjoy some succulent seafood at moonlight in a romantic seaside eatery. A couple can break away from the monotony if at all by taking a horse rider together or go kite surfing or jet skiing or better still stroll around for sightseeing of exotic Thai temples of which this region can boast of plenty.

With such a spectacular backdrop the Hua hin Hotels have the chance to grant their visitors some amazing ocean views from the sea facing rooms or just as picturesque sights of the lush green plantations on the inland suites. Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort offers an array of such excellent choices together with the well known international standards of hospitality that it has maintained over the years. This Hotel Hua hin exudes the charm of Thai interior designs and also offers the delightful flavours of authentic Thai culinary specialties to enthral its visitors.

You have heard of the captivating beauty of the Maldives, as one gazes at pristine white dunes and exotic surroundings. The sparkling sea surrounds the islands and seems to sit perfectly still while an occasional exotic bird soars off into the horizon. Most are very familiar with the lush tropical beauty that decorates the surface of these warm, inviting waters; however, little do most of us know of the wondrous sights that await us underneath the gently lapping waves.

One of the best ways to explore Maldivian marine life and corals is to dive right in, although caution is advised as some parts of the islands are full of sharp-edged corals and other dangers that might make it a little difficult to enjoy the splendour beneath the waves, unless one has received training. A safer, more accessible way for all ages to dive into the underwater world without actually suiting up is to take a glass-bottom boat ride. Guests can hire the glass-bottom boats from the comfort of their hotel suites and arrange for pick up for a morning of underwater sightseeing. These glass-bottom boats carry life jackets along with ensuring other safety measures for visitors of all ages.

The clear, cerulean Indian Ocean enables beautiful views of the lagoon floors. The variety of flora draped along the bottom of the sea, as well as the spectacular fauna dotting the water, can be marvelled at from the boat itself. The experience has been described by most tourists as a “great family adventure”. Thanks to the large number of glass-bottom boats available for hire, all visitors are able to treat themselves to a unique experience found only in tropical locations: the exploration of two worlds during one vacation.

Come face-to-face with the delicate and shy angelfish, or be surprised by the presence of a fearsome Barracuda. Experience awe at the brightly-hued butterfly fish, a reef-dweller famed for its attractive colouration. Pay a gleeful grin at the discovery of more clownfish than you ever thought existed, as you’ve found Nemo and possibly all his kin in one place. Whether one ventures below the waves or enjoys the land above it, the Maldives offers an experience unlike any other. From the moment you wake up to the sounds of the soothing waves lapping outside your room, until it’s time to sit and watch the glorious sunset on the horizon, the Maldives manages to take your breath away with its tranquil surroundings and natural splendour.

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