Travellers intending to visit the beautiful Maldive Islands desiring an appealing Maldives resort will find a pleasing choice in the Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. This attractive accommodation offers well-appointed interiors with a selection of contemporary amenities.
The pristine Maldive Islands have secured a strong reputation as a premier holiday destination, offering a delightful climate, spotless sandy beaches, shimmering sapphire seas and a host of water-based activities. Visitors of all ages and preferences will be captivated by this exotic vacation destination, which truly offers something for everyone.
The Maldives has also become a popular destination for romance, with many couples arriving in the islands to get married, enjoy a delightful honeymoon or renew their nuptial vows. The idyllic loveliness and unsullied beauty of the islands provide an ideal setting for these special moments which must always be perfect and memorable.
There can hardly be a more romantic backdrop than this magical archipelago scattered in the vast reaches of the expansive Indian Ocean. With spotless sands underfoot and the bright tropical sun overhead, the ocean stretching to the far horizon, this is truly a setting from a romantic movie, which is probably unmatched anywhere in the world. The ambience is casual and laidback, the pace of life delightfully unhurried.
Many couples who are already married and wish to rekindle their nuptial vows have frequently chosen the Maldives for this very special occasion. The actual renewal of vows may performed on the beach itself, or if you prefer, in a secluded gazebo where you may enjoy the company of your loved one in privacy.
Typically you will enjoy the services of a master of ceremonies, a traditional Maldivian dance ensemble, and if you so desire, a professional photographer. The resort where you will renew your vows will typically provide you with a package which includes wedding cake, a bridal bouquet, champagne, a romantic dinner, and so on.
You will also be able to enjoy other delights such as, for example, an intimate sunset cruise along the local waters. Offering a selection of water sports and activities the Maldives also provides the couple with many delightful pastimes to enjoy together.

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Set amidst the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offers an idyllic getaway where couples can set sail on an unforgettable adventure. One of the most romantic experiences one can have here is to take a private dhoni excursion. A dhoni is a traditional Maldivian sailing vessel and provides a charming way in which to explore the seas around the islands. As you glide along the waters, with that special someone by your side you can take in such enchanting views as the sun setting below the horizon. You may even catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming freely in the water below. Sail to your heart’s content, sipping Champagne and toasting this precious moment. Want to make this outing at sea even more special? Why not cap it off by popping the question! Couples in search of a Maldives luxury resort that offers private Dhoni excursions can consider staying at Naladhu Maldives which provides an intimate hideaway full of romance.

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Most people’s idea of a romantic getaway is a location by the water or high up in the mountains. Hoi An on a wonderful riverfront location offers a warm ambience assisted in no small part by its quaint architecture, lush greenery, riverside cafes and moped free winding lanes in the old part of town that invites romantic strolls on moonlit nights. There are a number of romantic resorts available for honeymooners too. Anantara Hoi An Resort in a leafy location by the Thu Bon River offers spacious, elegantly appointed split level guest rooms, junior suites and suites that open out onto balconies overlooking the river or garden. This Hoi An spa resort is known for its range of special experiences that include Vietnamese cooking classes, lantern making and traditional painting classes, culinary adventures involving local and international cuisine, spa treatments inclusive of Vietnamese and other massage therapies and romantic sunset cruises all of which combine to make unforgettable holiday memories of stays at this Hoi An hotel.

Having been an important port in antiquity as well as from the 15th to the 19 centuries, Hoi An, particularly the old part of town, has quite a collection of quaint alleyways and historical and cultural features that exude a distinct atmosphere. This combined with its riverside setting makes it Vietnam’s most romantic town.

The best time to visit Hoi An is on the 14th day of each lunar month when the town switches off its lights for the full moon festival and is at its most romantic. At this time Hoi An is crowded with couples holding hands and enjoying the special atmosphere. After a romantic candlelit dinner in a cafe by the river many couples float a candle lit paper boat or a lotus down the river to bring them good luck, happiness and love. Others take a romantic cruise down the Thu Bon River. Then as the activity winds down towards mid night it is indeed romantic to stroll the streets to enjoy some of the city’s famed ancient landmarks such as the Japanese Bridge by moonlight in spite of the crowds. The best way to enjoy this very special occasion is to avail of the special romantic getaway packages offered by the hotels and resorts of the area during this period.



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Located on the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands is the Indonesian island of Bali. Known for its rich culture & heritage and natural beauty, Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s hottest tourist destinations. With its multi-ethnic and multi-religious society and lifestyle, Bali is a great place to spend an exotic vacation as it is also known to have many cultural & recreational attractions, fascinating visual arts and performances, and breath-taking scenery.

The tropical atmosphere of Bali is also one of its highlights as the gentle breeze and the warm, yet mild, temperature of the island ensures hours of outdoor activity. At nighttime, the island becomes blissfully quiet and relaxing, and thus is a great place to embark on a romantic sunset dinner cruise around the island. Considered to be a truly romantic and blissful experience, a sunset dinner cruise in Bali is sure to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

A typical Bali sunset cruise departs the shore at about 5.45pm, just as the sun begins its slow descent to the horizon. As the cruise begins, one can sip on some wine or cocktails and watch the beautiful sunset with light music being played by live bands aboard the ship, giving you a great opportunity to share some intimate and romantic moments with your loved ones. As the sky is engulfed in darkness and as the stars begin to dot the sky, you will be served a delicious spread of international and local dishes and meals, accompanied by an assortment of sides and desserts, which are sure to be a treat for your senses. While you dine, the ship will have various light entertainment items such as live music and performances which add a tinge of liveliness to the blissful and relaxing ambience of the cruise. You can even get your dance moves on after your dinner, as some dinner cruises have disco and dance floors too! Therefore, for a truly blissful sunset cruise in a tropical haven, visit Bali with your family and loved ones!

A luxury hotel group offering traditional oriental hospitality infused with modern amenities and luxuries is the COMO Hotels and Resorts. With unique accommodation, excellent service, and luxury facilities, a stay in an award winning hotel of this group is highly recommended for a memorable experience.

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Maldives Islands certainly provide the ultimate romantic getaway, with its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. It’s a world that dazzles under the golden sun with the charm and brilliance of the perfect tropical island. It’s a place of allurement in the sparkling moonlight under the purple velvet skies of a thousand silver stars. All these beauties together conspire to create the perfect memories of the perfect romantic escape.
Maldives Islands are renowned across the world where romance is found by countless lovers. It is a leading honeymoon destination in the world, for reasons pertaining to natural magnificence of its situation as well as the plethora of things to do, that add so much color and to your perfect holiday experience.
The most popular of these activities that romantics enjoy here on these paradise shores is the sunset cruise. While the golden sun leaves a fiery streak upon the western horizon of the great Indian Ocean, perfect memories are created far far away from the eyes of man. Lost in a golden world of sublime beauty, romance in its most wonderful forms is found upon the decks of a ship, where the perfumed breath of the salted breeze sweeps in a frenzy of sheer bliss. So beautiful will be the setting that it will take your breath away. A glass of wine of your choice, to celebrate the beauty of love will be served upon the deck, as you gaze in to the never ending stretch of sea and sky, bathed in mellow amber light. Ecstatic dolphins, thrilled by the loveliness will be seen dancing and leaping, completing the perfect picture of beauty.
Local tour operators offer the sunset cruises which, given the height of its appeal, are very much in demand. Hence during the peak of the season, these tours must indeed be booked well in advance, to avoid certain disappointment.
There is quite a lot to be experienced in Maldives, while the opulence in Maldives resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives, treat you to comforts beyond measure.Maldives bungalows, where luxury and lavishness abound, are most indeed the best places to discover love and romance with the special one in your life.

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Embark on your new life in style by exchanging your vows underwater while the multihued fish add glamour to your eternal love. There’s no other place like Maldives to celebrate your love underwater as there are professional underwater wedding photographers ever ready to capture every single moment of your unique ceremony. Reserve your Maldives resort prior to your arrival. Anantara Veli Maldives which is among the best Maldives bungalows will arrange you a memorable stay, while you are on your memorable romantic tour to Maldives. Sink in the bliss of romance and take home a reel of cherished moments of your unity made in heaven.

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Embark on a romantic boat ride and explore some of the peaceful uninhabited islands in Maldives. There’s no other land like Maldives to celebrate you love and enhance your experience by residing at Anantara Dhigu Maldives, a well-known Maldives resort recommended by many for the travellers seeking for luxury and peaceful accommodation in Maldives. Cruise across in the Indian Ocean, while you enjoy the pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Some of the boat rides in Maldives would let you explore the attractions in Male and would take you to several resort islands where you can engage in many adventurous water sports. There’s no better way to celebrate your love other than sink into the bliss of natural beauty while you enjoy your romantic boat ride in Maldives.


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If you wish to find romance in its richest form, mingled in the allurement of tropical island bliss with dazzling white sands for beaches and lapis lazuli stretches for ocean waves, you may not need to look any further than the string of islands that lay nestled amid the heaving leagues of the Indian Ocean. Maldives islands, a charm and beauty of exquisite nature, hard to be described using words, is certainly the place for lovers to weave their enchanted memories around.

If one should say that the mesmerizing loveliness of the turquoise blue waters of these dazzlingly beautiful seas can engulf you behind and before, above and below, when you repeat your eternal vows in the presence of one’s romantically beloved, your happiness will certainly be complete. Pack ones bags to embark on a journey to ultimate bliss!

Underwater weddings have gained popularity over the years and as more people plunge into the depths as they fall wildly in love, they seem to inspire more and more adventurous lovers to follow suit. Needless to say, many companies have now specialized in the services needed for underwater weddings and with their help the perfect ceremony could be easily arranged. The stereotype bridal, with the veiled face might not be the ideal attire for such ceremonies that will also be void of the flowery splendour. Yet somehow, the decoration that beautifies that special moment will be complete with all the colour and grace of the underwater life that you will certainly feel that nothing was missing.

The wedding party could be arranged on a boat that can be decorated with all the flowers that you wish to have. There are companies that can arrange boats which can carry over 100 people, so your family and friends can blissfully partake in this very special occasion.

Honeymoons spent at Maldives resorts such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, will surely heighten the romance of your great beginning, with the luxury and comforts of the greatest degree. Maldives spa resorts with their excellent service standards will indeed delight you on your honeymoon, with lavishness beyond your greatest expectation. This tropical paradise is the perfect place to begin your adventure of love.

Renowned for its impeccable natural splendour, Bali is a premier tourist destination in the world. Couples planning to tie the knot in this paradise island will find no better alternative to a beach wedding. A beach resort in Bali such as Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali is always open to cater to your requirements for a dream wedding. You also have the option of looking beyond a hotel in Nusa Dua and opting for an independent option. Say “I Do” against the mesmerising ocean backdrop, be it in the morning or during sunset in the evening which is the most ideal time. The island is blessed with pristine beaches, some facing the magical sunrise and some overlooking breathtaking sunsets; these include Uluwatu Beach, Canggu Beach, Legian Beach and Balangan Beach. Hence wait no more and plan your beach wedding in Bali to mark the height of your bond in style.


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Looking for ideas for your wedding? Or maybe it’s the best bridal attire, the most appropriate accessories or photographers. Then the place for you to be is the Al Ain Wedding Show, held for the 10th consecutive time between  05-10 May 2014. In order to enrich this experience, look for Abu Dhabi beach hotels that would compliment your purpose. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is an Abu Dhabi resort that you can consider not only for your accommodation during this trip but also for your honeymoon after the big day. A much sought after wedding show that is considered to be one of the leading events in the Abu Dhabi event calendar, Weddex 2014 will feature everything from ladies and men’s wear, perfumes, lingerie, wedding planners, henna art designers to rent a car and photographers. Turkey, Singapore, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Lebanon are some of the countries which contribute with exhibitors here and therefore, soon-to0-be weds are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning their dream wedding.  Al Bader Exhibition Organizers are the people responsible for this event and quite a lot of media coverage is given to the event thus creating the hype that it so deserves.

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