The little islands located on the far end of the Indian ocean have rose to fame for numerous reasons , the predominant one being the sandy beaches the pristine waters surrounding it. However the island has mostly secured its place for being one of the highly sought after romantic getaways and as well as a top spot for destination weddings.

The many luxury resorts in Maldives offer various packages for Maldives Beach weddings. With the culture of destination weddings growing rapidly no doubt such a picturesque island is growing in demand as a wedding venue. The priceless natural backdrops add unmatched life to your wedding photographs and beaches are always associated with happiness and what better place to unite with the love of your life than in a beach? Among the hotels that offer great comprehensive wedding packages is Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa Maldives. The resort offers different packages to suit the individual’s needs.

The island resorts create the perfect atmosphere to have an intimate affair and often most resorts take care of the entire process so why stress when all you have to do is come dressed up. Most packages offered will also handle the services for your guest too.

Maldives is a perfect spot for honeymooners so most packages tend to incorporate this into their deal as well. Maldives has lots more to offer than just the beaches , if you think you will be bored of seeing the same turquoise waters every day. Want some adrenaline rush in you , why not try some of the great water sport activities it has to offer , or why not embark on a cruise ship as a newly married couple to enjoy dinner while watching the sun set? Dive into the deep blue sea to discover a whole world under neath.

In summay the perfect holiday spot could be one of the best venues to tie the knot , and is worth the effort!

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


If you are looking for the perfect venue and the perfect way to start your life together, Macau has some of the most romantic places to make your dream a reality. Say “I do” in a beautiful city with sunshine, clear air, green lands and all sorts of delicious food together with clean streets, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. Macau is a perfect destination to celebrate your precious day with your loved ones. Whether you plan an intimate gathering or a large lavish banquet, every detail of your requirement will be fulfilled when you say I do in Galaxy Macau and you have the option of selecting Galaxy Macau Hotel Resort as the perfect venue which will surely to gift you precious memories of your precious day.

Galaxy Macau has a vast array of stunning settings to offer that will definitely add splendid majesty to your most memorable day. Every bit of detail will be handled with extra care to make your dream wedding a reality. Your wedding feast will be served amongst the incredible décor. From decadent and auspicious international cuisines, to the most indulgent of rare delights, to the finest wines and champagnes, your wedding feast will be a perfect celebration.

Macau is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. Located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong, which is about 64 kilometers to the east, and it is also bordered by Guangdong Province to the north and the South China Sea to the east and south. It is considered to be one of the world’s richest cities and it also has the second highest life expectancy in the world. So why not give the perfect start for your new life in this beautiful city, Macau.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Breathtakingly beautiful, with its delicate white sands and turquoise waters, the 115 islands that create the Seychelles is indeed a heavenly dream come true. Celebrate the joy of timeless love and feel the prestige of making your day uniquely special by being in one of the most romantic tropical island destinations of the world. The serene secluded beaches of these islands, with their natural splendour and romantic ambience effortlessly bring together the perfect venue for a wedding made in heaven.
Share sweet promises with your loved one while enjoying the scenic colours of a spectacular sunset. The crystal clear waters also offer stunning marine life where you can explore on a snorkel together in one of the best dive sites in the world. Furthermore, be ready to be spoilt by the irresistibly attractive wedding packages and honeymoon specials offered by its outstanding hotels. Enjoy the free deals, discounts and have the pleasure of your expectations being exceeded. Late afternoons are considered to be the best time to get married as it gives a cooler temperature and better photography options. Furthermore, it is advisable to consider this tropical setting when choosing your wedding dresses. Moreover, the Seychelles islands is also one of the most romantic spots if you need to renew your vows in a place that will express and rekindle the uniqueness of love and share that special spark for years to come.

Indulge in the relaxing spa treatments and the delicious dining in the tasteful restaurants of the islands. In addition, it is very convenient to travel between these islands by boat, light aircraft or helicopter giving you the opportunity to have your honeymoon in several islands while you discover the pleasantly contrasting atmospheres.

Let the rich accommodation of a Seychelles Hotel overwhelm you with picturesque scenery and immaculate hospitality. Pamper yourselves on the happiest occasion of your lives by staying at Praslin Hotel and grab the free deals guaranteed to seduce your senses. Savour the stunning view of the hill side pool villa’s and choose among the rich variety of magnificent facilities offered by the luxurious Raffles Praslin Seychelles.

The exceptional country of Maldives has long been a popular wedding destination. The pristine beaches with golden shores and tranquil water, colourful coral reefs and the beautiful marine life create the perfect place for a romantic Maldives wedding. The number of people arriving in Maldives to take their vows and celebrate the occasion in an elaborate and grand way is rapidly increasing. The stunning surroundings and the atmosphere make a wedding in Maldives extra special.

The marriage ceremonies in these islands follow the Muslim system, conducted by the ‘gazis’ and the Atoll chiefs. These ceremonies are usually held at private halls or mosques. Feasts are organized inviting a large number of guests. However, the country is famed as a wedding destination for tourists who prefer golden beaches or a resort.

The fantasy of a romantic Maldivian wedding can be realized in an array of momentous experiences at a villa in the islands. Amidst the myriad of natural wonders, each passing moment will bring bountiful pleasure, as you say your vows with ever growing passion. Enter the new delightful chapter of your life with your partner with a ceremony that is inspired by the poetic enchantment of the exotic setting of a beach, or on a cruise into blissful tranquillity.

The utmost serenity of an occasion of love held barefoot on pristine white sand is truly exceptional as a host of unexpected guests adorn your bridal party – such as dolphins rhythmically jumping atop the distant waters. Amidst the intriguing whispers of the ocean breeze you may share your vows making memories to treasure. Toast your love with glasses of champagne while enjoying a candlelight dinner by the enchanting beach.

Some prefer a wedding aboard their very own private yacht which promises many pleasures in the spectrum of intimacy and joy as you cruise along the kaleidoscopic beauty of the Indian Ocean. But the greatest ever romantic adventure would be an underwater wedding; you dive in together to where the colorful corals and exotic marine life create an extraordinary setting for your ceremony. A seafood BBQ will be set up on an isolated island as your newlywed dinner. The experienced dive master photographer will capture each and every amazing moment, both below and above the surface. Plant some corals together one day while reminiscing your surreal underwater wedding; you can imagine them growing strong just like your love.

The lovers seeking Maldives resorts to have their wedding, have to wonder no more. Anantara, Kihavah offers a number of exotic pool villas ideal for the precious celebration of love. The romantic getaway you desire may never be completed without a stay in a villa in Maldives.

Maldives consists of 26 atolls and is world renowned for its beautiful beaches and the warm demeanor of its peoples. The islands are surrounded by azure waters and reefs with a plethora of colourful marine life inhabiting it. The white beaches stretch along for miles making it perfect for a destination wedding.
A wedding being the most memorable event in one’s life, demands an effort which can be easily catered by many luxury hotels Maldives. There are many themes to choose from, be it traditional or avant-garde. Settings can range from a serene beach wedding in the morning or a spectacular evening ball with the sunset as a backdrop. The weather in Maldives is perfect all-year round, usually with sunlit mornings and breezy, quiet nights. Bridal couples usually opt for a fully white deco to blend in with the surroundings or prefer a tropical theme with the wedding reception being garlanded with many a flower. Nuptials can be made extra special by carrying out a typical Maldivian wedding custom of planting a coconut palm together to symbolize eternal love, all this while traditional drums will be played to add to the celebration. The couple will then sip coconut water together, sealing their union and providing a simple yet romantic setting for the bridal party.

The happy couple is in for a treat during their stay in sunny Maldives, with dinner under the stars and even opportunities to explore completely uninhabited islands all day. Spectacular spa treatments such as massages, body exfoliations and wraps are also available in many of the resorts for him and her, offering tranquility and bliss.

Each resort island is beautifully set in green surroundings with paths lined with hibiscus and bougainvillea and lapping waves to lull you to sleep as you unwind with your significant other. A destination wedding in Luxury Hotels Maldives such as the Baros Maldives offers world class accommodation and dining in its award winning restaurants. Guests can explore the many atolls by seaplane, by cruise or snorkeling the reefs and diving into the rich underwater paradise Maldives offers. A wedding set in a Maldives Resort truly is a place to fall and stay in love.

Perhaps one of the greatest natural settings in the world, Anchorage is embraced by the bountiful hands of nature. Showcasing a myriad of natural splendors, it is home to six mountain ranges with picturesque sceneries of lush greenery and vibrant flora. Surrounded by diverse wilderness, it is a modern city where adventure and excitement captures the interests of travellers.
Described by many, the days of summer usually seem endless, where the home gardens are adorned with dazzling displays of flowers. Having a series of exuberant seasonal festivities, the city is a pulsating land where live music fills the air. Alive all year around, there are many recreational options which ignite excitement and thrill in the travellers. A wonderland during winter, the downtown city is lit with thousands of dazzling lights. As the streets glitter under the night sky, there are many activities organized in the city that reverberate anticipation and exhilaration among the locals.

Arguably one of the best places to spend your holiday, the captivating beauty of the city has grasped the interest of many couples wanting to tie the knot as it is presently a budding destination for weddings. Warmed by the pleasant nature of maritime climate, the city has the perfect setting for a memorable wedding. For a truly unusual and one of a kind wedding ceremony, Anchorage is the perfect place as it provides an event setting that transports its guests to the notion of embracing nature in all its glory. Providing a unique, yet adventurous special occasion, weddings in the beautiful city will be a picturesque way to start your life with your partner. Exchanging vows amidst the natural surroundings of the city will be an experience that is bound to be treasured for a lifetime.

Providing the best setting for an outdoor wedding that connects deeply to nature, couples will have an unforgettable experience amidst the rustic and untamed beauty of Alaska. Couples can helicopter to the mountain top of Mountain Alyska or exchange rings in the backdrop of the breathtaking expanse of the dazzling waters. They also have the option to hike up to a romantic viewpoint overlooking the icy blue glaciers or even tie the knot whilst aboard on a small cruise ship passing along the striking beauty of the city’s wildlife. Other places to tie the knot include Alaska Botanical Garden, Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows, Suomi-Finland Club and Bayshore Clubhouse.

For indoor weddings, couples can rent a ballroom at Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center or at Alaska Native Heritage Center. Providing a unique option, both places offer stunning backdrops and spacious accommodations for you to get married.

For those interested in visiting the city, there are many Anchorage hotels to consider. One such hotel is Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage which offers the perfect environment for Anchorage weddings. Providing spacious room capacities, couples will have the convenience of hiring a wedding specialist to ensure their wedding will be an extraordinary event.

Tucked away in the Indian Ocean lies an island archipelago where the sun soaked landscapes are bordered by stunning coral islands, an unspoilt hideaway of the sort that is only found in literature. With all these extenuating natural attributes, it is hardly a wonder that the Maldives is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. The honeymoon venue of choice for celebrities such as Katie Perry, the white, powdery beaches of the cou ntryhas become synonymous with caramel-hued sunsets and breathtaking secluded islands.

Littered with numerous honeymoon resorts, romantic vacations don’t get any better than this. Offering newlyweds a host of luxurious amenities the beachfront properties with shady palms and water bungalows are the stuff of dreams although this island paradise is as real as the bronze shaded sand beneath one’s feet. Most resorts also offer special spa packages for couples while beach barbeques and live music events are almost a nightly occurrence in this idyllic archipelago.

The adventurous couple can also engage in many of the water sporting activities that are available on the islands. Sailing is one such activity and couples can tour the various islands that make up the nation and take in the mesmerizing sights surrounded by multi-hued oceans of turquoise and green. Cruising each of the atolls at one’s own pace is only rivalled by the combination of parachuting and sailing that is parasailing which is also a popular activity here.

Couples can also discover what lies beneath the azure waters in one of the world’s premier scuba diving and snorkelling destinations. Expect to find over 70 species of vibrant shaded coral reefs that serve as stony flowers in this submerged metropolis while 700 fish species of every conceivable colours, size and stature are also found roaming the crystal clear waters surrounding the islands. Other popular activities include angling and surfing as the country is also a dream destination for avid surfers worldwide.

When it comes to Maldives luxury hotels there’s none quite like the breathtaking resort that is the Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. Pleasantly situated on the sun-kissed shores on Dhigu Island this stylish Maldives resort offers guests water villas and a wide variety of soothing therapies in its signature Anantara Spa.

The beautiful paradise island where miracles happen – Sri Lanka is one of the most popular holiday and honeymoon destinations in the world. This small Island has much to offer with its seductive sandy beaches and beautiful sceneries. Sri Lanka is full of things to do and places to see, trekking, surfing, wildlife excursions or just laying in the sun, this exotic isle will satisfy any of your needs.

This paradise island is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for weddings. With a rich cultural heritage the island has a varied selection of places where one can have weddings at. Whatever your requirement is whether it is wedding by the beach, in the hill country or in the country side having it in Sri Lanka will make it a memorable and unique experience which you will treasure for the rest of your lives. One can have a Civil, Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist wedding ceremony. Traditional to the locals is the Lankan Poruwa Ceremony which can be done after the couple’s religious or civil ceremony or in combination with it. The Poruwa ceremony takes about 45 minutes, where the groom would be escorted by colorfully attired traditional dancers and drummers to a small stage which is called the Poruwa, which would be beautifully decorated with flowers. You could also make it a bit more exciting by arriving on the back of a elaborately dressed elephant. The entire ceremony is performed on the Poruwa and at the conclusion, the couple will light a traditional oil lamp which symbolizes their togetherness and resolve to be committed to each other for a brighter future. To organize a wedding in Sri Lanka you can use the services of the hotel you are planning to have it in or a local wedding planner.

If the thought of a Sri Lankan wedding excites you, it is important that you have reliable source to rent a car from in which you can do all your Sri Lanka travel. It is advisable that you rent a car from a reputed and established Sri Lanka car rental. Malkey Rent A Car will ensure that you have the perfect car on time with a chauffer to make your wedding day that much special.

A band of sun-kissed islands with sparkling blue ocean waters caressing the golden beaches seem to be a combination themed on romance. Indeed the numerous islands of the Maldives seem made for romance, whether by the merry sunny hours amidst the ocean or the serene moonlight beaches at night. This bevy of islands with their tropical beauty and exotic locations for residence and ceremonies seem to invite lovebirds to pledge their vows for life amongst their native grace and beauty.
A wedding in Maldives is even better than what dreams conjure up in the countless travels of the imagination. The locations are exotic, exploiting the beauty of the coastal areas of the island, the shallow areas of the ocean as well as the tropical weather and natural light of idyllic sunsets; evening ceremonies under the mellow moon that rises clearly on the island are popular. It is indeed one of the ideal places in all of southeast Asia to have a beach wedding. The tropical blue waters, abundant sunshine and seductive sunsets blend naturally with the emotions of the moment and heighten them into a dreamy state.

On the shores of Maldives, luxurious hotels that are expert in mingling indoor luxuries with outdoor splendour are well equipped to handle and host beach weddings. The Anantara Veli, Maldives is one such Maldives island resort that promises delightful seclusion in their residences set over the shallow part of the ocean. Maldives bungalows are definitely themed on romance and over the years have hosted many beach weddings tailored to the couple’s requirement. In these over water bungalows, while listening to the waves, rocked by the ceaseless hum of the ocean, one can surrender to blissful contentment in the company one cherishes most. In the wee hours of the morning, dawn sends its rosy messengers with soft hues over the eastern sky and peeks into these water bungalows awakening their occupants with its pristine glow. On the shore there’s enough space to stroll around and whisper sweet nothings in a luxurious stretch of palm fringed golden sands. Many couples choose Maldives for their beach wedding and the hotels are well equipped and prepared to choreograph events of this caliber.

The international wedding market is a bewildering ebb-and-flow of ever-changing demand and ever-varying options as more and more betrothed couples seek the newest, best and most memorable events and venues in which to exchange their life-changing “I dos”. However, couples who share a mutual appreciation for undersea life who whisk themselves off to the tropical paradise of Trang come the month of February are in for a very out-of-the-box wedding experience, to say the least.

Seemingly having exhausted the venue options for memorable weddings above ground, throngs of the more adventurous trek all the way to Trang in Southern Thailand on Valentine’s Day to exchange their vows – underwater! It’s all perfectly legal and executed according to traditional Thai wedding rituals, except for the bit underwater. All you need to be part of this mass underwater ceremony is an adventurous spirit and an international diving licence.

Even if one were having their wedding on land, one would be hard-pressed to think of a better venue for their dream wedding than Thailand’s coastal province of Trang. Comprising an archipelago of over 40 islands off the brilliant blue Andaman Sea, the province of Trang is bounded by a dramatic mountainous terrain of white-water cascades threading through unspoilt rainforest and verdant rubber plantations. The mighty Trang River cuts through the heart of the province, originating from the Banthat mountains to flow into the Andaman Sea.

Since the Valentine’s Day of 1997, dozens of couples from around the world have flocked to Trang to take part in this now-world famous ceremony. The brides and bridegrooms are treated to a warm reception at the Trang airport and carried in grand procession around town before they are taken to Koh Kradan Island.

Koh Kradan is now the best-known of the archipelago due to this event, which has been declared in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest underwater wedding ceremony. The couples literally take the plunge – up to 12 metres below sea level – in full scuba regalia to sign their marriage commitment on the ocean floor surrounded by a translucent blue undersea vista.
The newlyweds emerging victorious from beneath the waves are paraded around the city in lavish style, clothed in traditional Thai bridal outfits, before being escorted to their elegantly appointed honeymoon suites.

Travellers seeking a recommendation for an idyllic and romantic getaway in Trang are directed to the Anantara Si Kao Resort and Spa. Situated in Amphoe Si Kao, one of the archipelagos of the Trang province, this is one of the most luxurious Krabi resorts appearing amidst a charming private beach. This resort is ideal for travellers looking for Krabi villas that offer an unspoilt natural hideaway in tranquil seclusion.