The Maldives, known to lovers as the ultimate honeymoon getaway offers a romantic escapade like no other. The sandy beaches, turquoise blue waves and soft breezes are made to awaken flames of love, along with an assortment of exciting activities for its guests. 

An Underwater Adventure

An underwater adventure is a mandatory part of any romantic holiday in a Maldives honeymoon resort. The underwater world hosts vibrant creatures and coral reefs that take your breath away; therefore, be sure to make a couple of memories under the ocean as you choose Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences for your honeymoon. 

Romantic Dining

Sip on a glass of wine and gaze at the untamed ocean beside you. Romantic dinners on an island are a honeymooner’s dream vacation come true. The Maldives offers the perfect ambience to light up some candles in the night and savour flavours of your favourite cuisine under a starlit sky, as you surrender to the flame of love. 

Image via Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

Island Hopping

A romantic honeymoon is meant to be filled with adventures in the sea. Therefore, step out of your comfort zone and embark on an island-hopping expedition, where most island-hopping packages can be arranged by contacting the help desk of your lodging. Some of the most beloved local islands meant for this adventure can be shortlisted to V. Keyodhoo, K. Maafushi, V. Fulidhoo etc. 

Exploring Wellness Together

Pamper yourself with a couple massage at your resort to explore the art of wellness together. While wellness translates into the well-being of one’s mind, body and soul, there is a long way that a couple massage can take you, in terms of physical rejuvenation as well as mental stability. Further, it will also become a moment for the happy couple to bond.

A Maldives honeymoon is unique. It can be as exciting or laid-back as you wish. Here are a few insightful pointers to choosing the Maldives as your honeymoon destination!

Image credit-Unsplash,Jeremy Banks,CC0

The luxury properties

The Maldives oozes luxury, especially in its resorts! Before making your decision, you need to go through all the available amenities and services provided by your potential Maldives honeymoon resort and check to see if it’s up to what you expect. Places such as Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives have several adventurous expeditions included as well, which is likely to make your honeymoon truly unique! Picking a room that overlooks the stunning blue Indian Ocean is ideal, as you can start and begin your day with a full view of the ocean.

Food and drinks

The best part about the Maldives resorts is that they’re often all-inclusive, so you don’t have to really stress about carrying your wallet all over the resort! Although alcohol is looked down upon on the mainland, resorts possess their own license, which allows you to drink as much as you please! Also, the properties have a large variety of food and restaurants to choose from.

Water sports

If you and your partner are into adventurous excursions and need a bit of an adrenaline rush, try your hands at the various water sports available. Whatever ocean-related activity you’re looking forward to, you’re sure to find it in the Maldives! In fact, nearly all resorts have services, which provide exciting water sports opportunities such as kayaking, diving, parasailing, and much more.