If you are planning to tie the metaphorical knot and declare yourself to each other for as long as you both shall live, why not do it under the blue skies, to the music of crashing waves? Having your wedding in Krabi could be one of the best decisions you have made for your special day, whether you are looking for a large ceremony with all the friends and relatives around you or an intimate ceremony where it is just the two of you and your ample love.

There are three options for you to choose from: you could decide to have a beautiful beach wedding, with the palms being a canopy for your guests. You walk down the sandy aisle that is adorned with tropical flowers into the arms of your significant other, and the officiator; or you do it the Thai way and have the bride escorted down the aisle by the groom and the retinue to the beats of traditional Thai drums. Have the monks chant as you are brought together in a beautiful knot of companionship and take art in the blessings of the water ceremony; the third way is to have an unsuspecting group of tropical fish as your witness, as you two take your vows in the depths of the ocean amidst the colourful corals. The colourful fish will make up for the lack of traditional flowers, and you can have your guests waiting with bated breath to hear how you took the plunge into the biggest adventure of your life – both the adventures!

The main thing when planning your dream wedding in Krabi is to do your research. There are boutique hotels offering their services at quite affordable prices while reputed luxury chains such as Anantara Si Kao Resort have their packages adorned with brand-specific offers. What you must decide what you two want for your dream ceremony – after all, the beauty of Krabi itself can turn the simplest of functions into an exotic celebration of love.

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Everyone planning to tie the knot wants their special occasion to be an unforgettable one and to celebrate it in the best possible way so that it will be narrated in tales through generations to come! Therefore, many couples all over the world go the extra mile to make their day special in a variety of ways. However, those looking for something truly unique need not look further than Thailand. Those who are planning to celebrate their nuptials in the month of February can head to Thailand since that is where the underwater wedding ceremonies take place every Valentine’s Day.

Thus, every February a large number of couples dressed in their wedding attire dive to the bottom of the sea to get married and what better time than Valentine’s Day to celebrate this special event! These underwater weddings have even entered the world famous Guinness World Book of Records and it keeps on attracting more and more happy couples who are not just tying the knot, but also those looking to renew their marital vows during a holiday in Thailand.

The brides and the bridegrooms and paraded around the city in decorated vehicles and taken to the site in a beautiful boat. After diving several metres under the turquoise water around this shore and swimming along with schools of fish in all the colours of the rainbow, the couples can officially get married in front of a minister who awaits them at the bottom of the sea!

There are beautiful coral reefs and a wide variety of marine life and what better place to celebrate your special day. Since Thailand is also well known as a honeymooner’s destination it is a great place to go to celebrate your wedding.

One can easily find a Krabi resort hotel that caters to couples looking to enjoy the everlasting memories of an underwater wedding. Krabi resorts are beautifully appointed close to the beach and provide all the luxurious comforts to pamper newly wedded couples. Anantara Si Kao Thailand with its private beach and contemporary comforts offers a wonderful setting to spend some of the best days of marital bliss.