Honeymoon in Koh Phangan

Time to plan the honeymoon and leaning towards an island getaway? Here’s why Koh Phangan in Thailand makes an ideal choice for newlyweds looking for both relaxation and adventure!

Escape to the Beach

Sun-drenched shorelines with idyllic beaches make up one of the main attractions in Koh Phangan. Resort options can be found right by the sand and surf which sets the perfect mood for romance! Be it at the Thong Nai Pan Noi, Haad Yuan or Haad Salad beaches, there’s much coastal bliss to experience.

Activities for Couples

Couples who enjoy adventure have much to look forward to as well; embark on a longtail boat sunset cruise, try various water sports, visit local temples, shop at the Thong Sala night market and explore the Ang Thong Marine National Park. Resorts such as Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas even offer special cooking classes, the perfect joint activity!

cooking classes
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Indulge in Spa Rituals

Some sublime pampering awaits at a Koh Phangan spa resort, with some offering private treatment suites for couples to share in the joys of holistic healing. You can look to experience a traditional Thai massage, herbal steam and coconut scrub that aide in relaxation after what may have been a stressful wedding!

Intimate Beach Dining

Dining by the beach overlooking the ocean is as romantic as it gets and Koh Phangan offers some enchanting backdrops for such an occasion. Some resorts will specially arrange an area on the shore for you and that special someone complete with a candlelit setting, personal chef and choice selection of wine.

Honeymoon in Koh Phangan
Image Credit: Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas


Many modern couples are choosing ditch the traditional wedding hoopla and go with a unique destination wedding instead. Getting married on an exotic island has been many people’s dreams, and what better place to experience this than Thailand? One of the places to have a great wedding on a beach side is Koh Phangan. A popular option is to host the wedding at a Phangan beach resort simply for the stress-free packages that they offer. Among them, one that has won the hearts of many is Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas. The picturesque settings of the hotel serve as a great backdrop for your dream wedding with towering coconut palms and the Indian Ocean in the background.

Koh Phangan beach is located in the gulf of Thailand and is surrounded by tropical rainforests. There are various wedding planners and organisers available online to help organise your wedding even if you are oceans away from this exquisite island. These are set up as most of those who want to have their wedding here are foreigners. There are plenty of choices to pick from and most of the planners and organisers work with client preferences. If you want Thai tradition incorporated into your big day there are lots of options available to do so, entertainment, backdrops, food, even the bridal party’s attire can be made accordingly.

If you are worried about your guest, they sure will have a whale of a time in this beautiful paradise beach. There is plenty of activities to do around here. Simply lounging on this tranquil beach in itself is a great idea.

Some of the other places that you may want to consider for your big day is Ba Kan Tiang Beach, Koh Lanta, Pansea Beach- Phuket, Phra Nang Beach-Krabi and Laem Tong Beach- Koh Phi Phi.

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Known the world over for its famous beach parties, the island of Koh Phangan also offers an intimate escape for couples. If you are on the lookout for luxurious Koh Phangan resorts from where you can enjoy a romantic getaway then consider Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa. One of the leading Koh Phangan hotels, this well placed property features elegant villas near the shore and gives you the chance to have an enchanting beach wedding as well.

Blessed with white sandy beaches, idyllic coastal landscapes and magical sunsets, Koh Phangan is the ideal destination for you and that special someone to celebrate your love. Well suited for honeymoons too, the island offers much more than a laidback setting. Snorkelling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by couples as they discover the colourful underwater world that surrounds the island, while those looking for more adventure can set off on diving excursions together to such sites as the Angthong National Marine Park. Nature lovers will find plenty of tropical forests on the island to explore and for something truly unique one can even opt for an elephant trekking safari. End the day by witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the setting sun, followed by a romantic dinner on the beach as you look back on the memorable day that was.

Koh Phangan has an array of exciting things to keep its visitors busy and content. Boat trips from Koh Phangan is one such must-try activity whne you are holidaying in this island. Most of the Koh Phangan resorts arrange these boat trips for their guests residing at their place. Rasananda Phangan Island Resort & Spa is one of the renowned Koh Phangan hotels which offers comfortable accommodation in the island and all other extra services in relation to your tours and excursions. Most of the boat trips start early morning and there are common itineraries for these tours when going in groups. There are various types of boats available for these tours and it can be traditional long tail boats or speedboats. Some of the places that you gonna explore during these boat trips from Koh Phangan are Than Sadet waterfall, Thong Nai Pan, Haad Khuat or Bottle beach and Koh Tae Nok. When taking up these tours do not forget to be well-equipped with sun block and hats to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

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Made up of a series of simply breathtaking waterfalls, the Than Prawet waterfall is truly a beauty to behold. This cascading beauty is the ultimate hitchhiker’s dream as the journey to the location itself is bound to be quite an adventure for the thrill seekers. One must make it a point to reserve a one of the renowned Koh Phangan hotels prior to visiting this place and one of the most renowned Koh Phangan resorts located within the area is Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa which is known for its abounding generosity and hospitality that it bestows upon its visitors.

Numerous independently flowing waterfalls flow on to one another to create one spectacular cascade while the surrounding luscious verdure and the beautifully formed boulders create the perfect backdrop for the fall. Emanating a truly enchanting aura, this is the ideal place to have a quiet picnic just soaking in the birdsong and the tinkling murmuring of the gracefully flowing water heard in abundance at this spot.

Kayaking in Koh Phangan is an excellent way to relax in the waters surrounding the island of Koh Phangan. Kayaks may be rented on many of the beaches and adventurous travellers may hire these crafts to explore the lovely coastline of the environs. The most ideal locations are on the calm west coast but any of the island’s beaches are suitable if the seas are not too rough.

Selective travellers choosing Koh Phangan resorts will find an ideal choice in the Rasananda Phangan Island Resort & Spa Thailand.  One of the superior Koh Phangan hotels this excellent rest provides well –appointed accommodations and gracious hospitality.

Praised for fulfilling the desires of keen hikers and backpackers, Phaeng Waterfall and Than Sadet National park are located in the charming island Koh Phangan, located on the Gulf of Thailand. Never failing to amaze the avid sightseeing tourists, Than Sadet National Park boasts four giant waterfalls among which the most stunning and popular one is Phaeng Waterfall.
Effortlessly combining the island’s beach paradise with the tropical jungle beauty Thailand is famous for; the waterfall is located in the small village of Madua Wan. Declared part of the National Forest in 1977, one will find various trekking routes as well as entrance points to reach the magnificent waterfall. An attraction bound to thrill and please any nature enthusiast, the falls is in proximity to the Khao Ra Viewpoint. A 200 metres long path takes you to this incredible mountaintop viewpoint.
The exciting journey that leads to the waterfall is an attraction itself, as it requires some hiking. However an enough number of marked trails are available, one of which you can take to reach the waterfall. The first interesting sight that you may come across once you reach the bottom of the waterfall is the pools with sparkling water. The inviting surroundings of these pools are ideal for a leisurely picnic savouring the delightful sight of the tumbling waterfall.
The peak of the waterfall is a quite precipitous climb with over 200-meter walk up a jungle trail. However, the spectacular scenery the top affords makes the strenuous climb worthwhile. Whilst true adventure seekers may find the hike to the top to be delightful, it is crucial for others to keep caution in the forefront.
In addition to the exceptional natural beauty, the island of Koh Phangan is famous for its sun-kissed pristine beaches presenting desirable snorkelling and dining spots. Nevertheless, it is the monthly held Full Moon Party; the island is most famous for.
After an exhilarating day visiting Phaeng Waterfall and its enchanting environs, one can opt to stay at one of the Koh Phangan hotels. Housing contemporary yet uniquely Thai, luxurious villas and suites is the Rasananda Phangan Island Resort & Spa, a highly preferable lodging option among all Koh Phangan resorts.