Christmas is that time of the year filled with magic and marvel. The spiritual essence of the festival touched with color and compassion add to the beauty of this season. Marking the end of a long year, Christmas is adored and celebrated more so now as a secular festival where all faiths take part in the magical spirit of the season. With holidays and annual bonuses round the corner, Christmas is certainly an excellent time to visit Seychelles.
The crystal blue sea and the powder white beaches make Seychelles a paradise on earth. When you are in this island, time stands still. The mere ambience touched with softness and romance make Seychelles the perfect place to relax after a long years work. Seychelles has a majority Christian population and Christmas here is more glamorous than ever. In addition to the rich spiritual essence you will enjoy, the beauty and adornment of the streets are simply magical. Colorful lights twinkle inside and outside homes and stores making the island literally sparkle with festivity. Seychelles has a rich culture in itself, plenty of crafts and traditional Christmas decors are produced during this season, making perfect souvenirs to take back home. The cherry on the top is the fantastic hotel and resort offers that boom at this time of the year. With an array of beach parties, galas and festivities, Christmas is that season where you can enjoy the best of Seychelles. Seychelles ensures the Christmas season caters to all tastes and interests. For instance those who are not into partying much you can try fly fishing or sailing, again popular activities undertaken during the season. You can even dip into the ocean and explore a bit if you are more of the adventurous person.
People and places all come to life during the magical season of Christmas. In order to enjoy the best holiday experience in the island, stay at the Raffles Praslin Seychelles. This Seychelles hotel ensures you are treated like royalty fit for the magical season. You are pampered with traditional Christmas specialties and can enjoy the real spirit of the season. This Praslin hotel has both outward appearance and inward service to ensure you get the best of your Christmas holidays.