Running through the heart of Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River offers a most unique perspective of the Thai capital. Here are some of the key attractions that can be found along the riverside.

Wat Arun

The magnificent Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun is a quintessential sight to behold on any Chao Phraya cruise be it day or night. Dating back to the Ayutthaya Kingdom, this stunning structure features a decorated spire (prang) that rises more than 70 metres in the air.

Z3144228Wat Arun Ratchawararam 2017CC BY-SA 4.0

National Museum of Royal Barges

Another notable riverside attraction, this museum showcases intricately decorated royal barges and boats used for auspicious or ceremonial occasions. Included on itineraries by cruise operators the likes of Manohra Cruises, the National Museum of Royal Barges also features the king’s personal barge which is known as “Suphannahong”.

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The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

Beside the banks of the Chao Phraya River you will also find the famed Grand Palace, a former royal residence home to buildings and statues of exquisite beauty. Also here is the Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddha one of the country’s most sacred sites.

Supanut ArunoprayotePhra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat (II) BKKCC BY 4.0

Wat Kanlayanamit

Dating back to the 19th century when King Rama III was in power, Wat Kanlayanamit is a distinctive riverfront temple which has a huge Buddha statue in the main prayer hall. Kanlayanamit translates to “Good Friend” and it is believed a visit here will help you find the company of good friends!

Supanut ArunoprayoteEntrance of Wat KanlayanamitCC BY 4.0


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Planning a wedding is never an easy task and is always nerve-wracking. When it’s a destination wedding, you’ve opted for this might double your anxiety. However, if you’ve decided that Thailand is where you want to host your big day, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t turn into a bridezilla!

Wedding Venue
Image Credit: Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok


It is essential that you’ve drawn up your own plan for the event before you start on any of the arrangements. Think about your theme, hotel, guest list, food, and entertainment. This will also help you make your budget. Also, consulting a wedding planner when planning your wedding in Thailand is a must.

The backdrop

Do you visualise yourself exchanging rings in the setting of a garden by the beach? Hotels like Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok is ideal for a wedding by the riverside. However, have a clear picture in your mind before going ahead and reserving a hotel.


When selecting your location in Thailand, you have a wide variety of options from a wedding in the mountains to a wedding by the beach or just at the ballroom of a luxurious hotel. However, if the place is hard to get to, the cost is said to be most likely to increase by 30%.

A bit of Thai

Since your wedding is in Thailand, why not make it unique by adding a touch of Thai culture? Event facilities in Bangkok hotels offer a bit of a Thai twist to your wedding. Still, it is your option whether you’ll go along with it or not.

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As one of Asia’s most vibrant holiday cities, Bangkok is a dream destination for couples the world over. A world-renowned cuisine hotspot, wining and dining is not the only romantic activity available to couples and honeymooners heading to the bustling metropolis.

Spa Days and Cruises

Those who are looking to kick off their Thai getaway in style should first head to one of Bangkok’s premier spa facilities and enjoy a massage or couples therapy session in the inner sanctum of the luxurious healing facilities. Couples who wish to see the sights from the comfort of a cruise can also hop on board a Chao Phraya cruise and take in the beauty of the riverside by day or by night with Anantara Cruises or any of the countless other tour operators in the city.

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Romantic Dining Options

Couples will find no finer alternative to the Buri Tara Wine Bar & Restaurant where the romance of Bali’s beachside bliss is recreated in cosmopolitan Bangkok.

Sweet-tooth Options
Couples with a sweet tooth should also stop by to sample the traditional Thai dessert selections at Cher Cheeva, arguably one of the most romantic restaurants in town. Night owls, on the other hand, will find Bangkok’s rooftop bars to be a spectacular setting to enjoy a romantic evening as venues the likes of Sky Bar and Octave offer sweeping views of the city and impressive collections of wines.

File:Sky Bar, Bangkok (33407660291).jpg
Ninara from Helsinki, Finland, Sky Bar, Bangkok (33407660291)CC BY 2.0

A Walk in the Park
Often compared to Central Park in New York, the Lumpini Park is another romantic precinct in the capital where couples can paddle boat around the manmade lake or simply stroll hand in hand around the beautifully maintained lawns and tree-lined avenues of the park.

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Pristine beaches, tropical oceans, ancient temples and landscapes with spectacular views this is all that awaits you in Thailand. Visit here with your loved one for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.


Thailand is blessed with strikingly beautiful landscapes and some of the worlds beautiful destinations offer honeymooners the perfect setting for romance and to enjoy each other’s company. Thailand is a diverse country that features a distinctive and delectable cuisine and a myriad of enthralling activities to engage in for travellers, mainly for honeymooners.

The islands

Surrounded by turquoise Blue Ocean and pristine white sand beaches Thailand is home to a number of exclusive islands that offer you the best honeymoon experience you can ever have. The islands provide you with a private and relaxing atmosphere to spend a romantic and lovely time together. Some of the popular islands you can visit during your honeymoon are Koh Samui, Phi Phi islands, Hua Hin and Phuket.

The big city

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand packed with people, bustling traffic and skyscrapers. You should at least spend a day here on your honeymoon to witness the rush and burst of diversity. The city is home to a number of temples and attractions such as the grand palace, the floating market, Lumbini Park, China town and more. These places are worth visiting with your loved one for the unique travel experience. You can also visit a Bangkok spa resort for a couple spa treatment session the at likes of Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

Image of resort

Things to remember

You are visiting the tropics so never forget to bring in things such as sunscreens, shades bug spray and other essentials. Planning is key for a happy Honeymoon and starts planning and preparing weeks in prior. Decide and book the places in advance before your arrival. Take only the necessary things with you don’t over pack. Remember that you are on a honeymoon, so keep aside all of your smart devices aside and rejoice in each other’s company.

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White sandy beaches, picturesque karsts and with a glorious sunset, you will not find a more romantic setting other than in Thailand for your fairytale wedding ceremony. Although planning a destination wedding may have slight complications which could be avoided with great care.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Inform guests in advance

A destination wedding requires quite a commitment on the part of the guests, from travel costs to getting off work. It is only fair on your part to inform them well in advance by sending invitations at least 24 months prior to the event.

Pick the right season

The best Bangkok resorts provide special offers during the raining season in Thailand. Travel prices are also greatly reduced during this time although if you want a glorious tropical wedding under the crispy sunlight, the summer is the best time for you.

Pre wedding trip

An array of beach side resorts and riverside properties such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort offer wedding packages. It is always advisable to visit the place before the ceremony as it is easier to communicate your wishes and concerns in order to avoid disappointments.

Take care of the legal stuff

Make sure to contact your embassy and the Tourist Information Bureau regarding documentation and other specifications with regards to legalization of your marriage. Conduct a thorough research on the requirements as some countries require the couple to live in the country for a few days.

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bangkok weddings
bangkok weddings
Image Credit: AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Bangkok is much more than just a fascinating shopping destination. With the colorful local culture, vibrant surroundings and the availability of great hotels and resorts, expressing your love is definitely a possibility in beautiful Bangkok.

With a myriad of attractions, secluded beaches and the vibrant nightlife, creating a world of romance and beauty that will always create lasting memories, Bangkok is the perfect getaway for honeymooners and lovebirds. A tour along the Chao Phraya River is a must for a great romantic evening in this city. Ensure to purchase the garland made of flowers, commonly known as Phuang Malai Song Chai, to give to your better-half as an act of showing respect and love. It is your night to cherish and remember.

Staying in a wedding hotel in Bangkok and enjoying a candlelight dinner at a place such as the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel is something that shouldn’t be missed by any traveller to Bangkok. You can also choose to make the moment special by opting to dine in room, creating the perfect world of seclusion that only you and your lover can share.

What could be more enjoyable than exploring renowned temples hand in hand with your loved one? Bangkok has experienced a rich and colourful history and this is very evident in the splendid temples that you will find in this vibrant nation. Visiting the famous temples of Thailand in the company of your life partner is sure to be an enthralling experience. A bicycle tour around the attractive streets of Bangkok is sure to be a captivating experience and will also provide you with the opportunity to observe many of the city’s appealing sights first hand. It will also be a great way to spend quality time with your loved one as you explore this vibrant city at your leisure.

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Bangkok is a laid back city in that you can stroll along the streets hand in hand, and no one would bat an eye. However, the high population and the busy nature of the people might make this leisurely stroll difficult. Having said that, there are ways to enjoy some cheesy romance in this city of busyness, if you know what to do, where to go, and what exactly is it that you want.

There are several things to try for a cheesy and romantic couples’ outing. One option is to watch the sunset from Wat Arun. Wat Arun is perhaps the most beautiful temple of all the temples in Bangkok. It stands on the bank of River Chao Phraya, rising above the water. If you can scale the steps at the tallest tower of the temple, you can witness a spectacular sunset over the city, a truly romantic view for any couple. If you are highly social people, you must visit the Moon Bar, a one of a kind rooftop bar that provides panoramic views. However, if either of you is with vertigo, it is best that you steer clear of this place, no matter how romantic a night out here ought to be. However, the most famous romantic couple activity is to visit a Bangkok spa resort. Or opt for a couple spa treatment at any of the numerous massage parlours that are there in the city. It is best that you read up the reviews and look for quality in terms of a spa treatment, though, as most places are more equipped for a quick foot massage than for a day-long romantic one. You can make this a truly memorable experience by opting for a place like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort where you will get a treatment of a lifetime complete with a view.

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Bustling city of Bangkok is full of Chaos and have you ever wondered this city can be romantic? In fact it can be.

Among the hustle and bustle lies sanctuaries where two love birds can indulge in , savoring a passionate moment. Click next and see for yourself

Start with a visit to Bang Kachao and absorb in the serenity of lust greenery , Have a Couple’s massage for which bangkok is famous for holding hand in hand.Enjoy a sip in rooftop bar overlooking the 360 view of the bustling city, have a luxury VIP movie experience to make your partner go wow, take a dinner cruise in famous Chao Phraya River bathed in Moon light..

The riverside location of Anantara Bangkok Sathorn, with its proximity to the Sathorn boat pier makes it one of perfect hotels Bangkok to experience the city via the Chao Phraya River. As a prominent luxury hotel in Bangkok Thailand, guests are offered an amazing selection of accommodation, facilities and amenities and the opportunity to join some of the most adventurous and captivating night cruises in the city.

One of the highlights of a visit to Bangkok is taking a boat on the Chao Phraya River or exploring the many big and small canals around Thonburi. Doing this in the evening has its own charm as many of Bangkok’s great temples and historic sites are located along the water and these beautifully illuminated buildings offer the perfect opportunity to experience the city’s history through its monuments. Among the many ways to cruise Bangkok’s water are dinner cruises that are probably the best known option to see the city by night and overnight cruises on converted rice barges. Piers along the river ensure visitors have easy access to night cruise boats and to many attractions.

Good food, traditional Thai dancing and music and even a disco on board in addition to fabulous views of Bangkok’s famous historic landmarks are a part of many cruises. Potential passengers can choose from several types of vessels to suit their mood; from large modern boats with hundreds of other guests that are literally moving restaurants to private boats with a luxurious ambience and candlelit dinner thrown in and cruises on converted old teak barges that serve a limited number of guests. The choice of the cruise would naturally depend on the passengers. Those in a hurry can opt for the fast modern boats while others with time to savour the beauty of a river trip in the evening can make their way leisurely along the river in a converted rice barge enjoying the passing scene silhouetted by the setting sun or illuminated and gleaming in the water. The play of light on polished teakwood, savouring beautifully presented Thai food while listening to traditional music in an elegant environment are some of the advantages of cruising on a luxuriously appointed rice barge. As the sides of the barge are open, every table is guaranteed unimpeded views and the feel of cool evening breezes. For those who wish to experience longer leisurely journeys, overnight private and shared cruises are also options on converted rice barges that take passengers past the Bangkok sites further along on the Chao Phraya River.

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Home to ancient temples, charming riverside locations and elegant modern venues, Bangkok is a perfect place to host your dream wedding. Those in search of 5 star hotels in Bangkok that will help you plan and celebrate such memorable ceremonies can consider Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa. This luxurious Bangkok resort offers a range of locations including a riverside terrace that looks out across the Chao Phraya River.

The Chao Phraya River in fact provides the perfect backdrop for weddings in Bangkok and those in search of something truly special can even opt for performing the ceremony while on a cruise. Finding an open air area near the river is an ideal option and one can even look to incorporate traditional customs into the ceremony. Couples opting for an indoor wedding can also choose from the wide range of ballrooms and modern function spaces in the city. Ideal for hosting intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, some of the more spacious venues provide plenty of space for dinner and dancing too. For a distinctive wedding organise a ceremony at a temple where you can experience some local culture as well.

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