Image Credit: AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa

With the rapid globalisation witnessed by the world during the past fifty years, the world has shrunk in size, metaphorically, making communication and travel convenient. Increased globalisation also means that those who wish to get married in an exotic destination can also do with immense ease for the internet facilitates such events effectively. Weddings abroad are fast becoming the ‘in’ thing to do as it allows couples to have memorable places they can visit and relieve old memories, while enjoying the convenience of opting for wedding packages that make the process hassle free. If you wish to get married in Thailand, there are certain tips and tricks that one can take advantage of to obtain a better deal.

First and foremost, the wonderful diversity Thailand enjoys in terms of its culture, architecture and natural beauty, allow couples the wonderful opportunity to choose the kind of backdrop they wish when they exchange their vows. Couples can choose to select a wide variety of backdrops for their wedding photographs and choose, for instance, a beachside wedding at AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa and exchange vows and sunset leading to a dinner in the evening. On the other hand, a wedding in Pattaya can also be a reception at a hotel with a stunning interior.

Apart from the wedding ceremony itself, there are several other rules and regulations foreign couples will need to comply with prior to exchanging vows. These include a trip to the Embassy to obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry in Thailand. In order to obtain this Affirmation, a form has to be filled and submitted with your passport. Once obtained, the Affirmation must be translated into Thai. This can be done in less than an hour if you are willing to pay extra. Afterwards, all these documents need to be submitted to the Thai Consular Office for Authentication.

Thereafter, when the marriage is to be registered, there are several documents that are required by the relevant government office. These include copies of passports, visas and the Letter of Affirmation. Also, make sure to take two witnesses!

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